How To Pick Your Signature Wedding Fragrance

When planning your wedding, there are a million details to think about, from the dress to the floral arrangements. It can be fun and exciting, but it can also be extremely overwhelming — and wherever you fall within that range is valid. 

It might not be the first item on your wedding to-do list, but your wedding fragrance is actually another important consideration that plays a part in this special occasion. 

Your wedding scent isn’t just a fun little detail for you and your guests to enjoy throughout the night — it’s also a helpful way to create memories during your big day. 

In fact, olfactory memories are some of our strongest. “Olfactory memory” is the term used to describe the feeling of a specific scent being able to bring you back in time. For example, the smell of hyacinth flowers might remind you of childhood Easter brunches with your family, and the smell of coconut might bring you back to last year’s spring break trip.

When you pick your signature wedding fragrance, you’re picking a scent that will remind you of your wedding for the rest of your life. If that sounds like a daunting choice, don’t worry. We’ve put together a guide to help you pick a fragrance that will make you want to say, “I do.” 

What Is a Signature Wedding Scent?

Before explaining our tips for picking a signature wedding scent, it’s important to understand what a “signature wedding scent” is. 

When we talk about wedding day fragrances, we’re actually describing two complementary fragrances. First, there’s the scent that you’ll wear, and second, there’s the scent for your venue. Our favorite way to fill the celebration space is with candles that amplify the ambiance. 

Your Scent

Your wedding fragrance should reflect your personality and your relationship. When choosing your signature scent, look for a special fragrance to make you feel confident on your wedding day. It also should be a scent you absolutely love and brings another level of luxury to this special occasion. 

Your Venue’s Scent

Another wedding scent to consider is the candle you’ll burn in the venue during your reception. This candle can help set the tone for the evening as you and your guests celebrate your marriage. 

Why Have a Signature Wedding Scent?

There are plenty of reasons why everyone should have a signature wedding scent, even if it isn’t at the top of your “to-dos” before you say “I do.” Whether you’re trying to make long-lasting memories or looking for an extra confidence boost, a signature wedding fragrance is an important element of your night. 

Scent and Memory Are Closely Connected

Hold on while we get a bit scientific here. We all have certain scents that can transport us to a different time and place – whether it’s the exhaust of a school bus causing flashbacks to high school or the smell of a bonfire reminding you of summer nights. 

This is because we process smells through a part of our brain called the olfactory bulb. This structure is close to parts of our brain that process memory, and this proximity is the reason why our smell-related memories are sometimes the most vivid and emotional. 

If you wear a signature scent on your wedding day, you’ll create these powerful olfactory memories. Any time you want to relive the day, you can smell your wedding scent and feel like you're saying your vows all over again. 

The Right Scent Can Boost Your Confidence

Everyone should feel amazing on their wedding day, and having a signature scent you’ve saved for your wedding can help give you a confidence boost. Scents can change your mindset. The Romans knew it, and now, even science is on board — but don’t just take our word for it. 

Some research shows that nice smells improve our physical and psychological well-being, while other studies reported that 90% of study participants felt more confident when they were wearing a fragrance. 

The Best Wedding Fragrances To Try

Now, let’s get into the details. Here are some of our favorite wedding fragrances for you to consider. 

Vow Factor

We partnered with our friend and TikToker Emelia O’Toole (also known as @ProfessorPerfume) to create the perfect fragrance as her signature wedding scent. Vow Factor is a fig-forward scent that is the luxurious ode to modern romance. This green and floral fragrance also features neroli, rose, and cedarwood to bottle that first-love feeling.

Natural Talent

Natural Talent is the perfect fragrance if you want something that feels fresh and unique. It is a smooth, leathery, velvety, and fruity fragrance. With apricot, jasmine, soft suede, osmanthus flower, clementine, sandalwood, and cistus, this is a wedding scent that is sure to make a statement. 

Show Pony

Maybe you’re craving something warm and mysterious for your wedding day. If so, look no further than Show Pony. This combines warm amber and smooth sandalwood with black tea, saffron, vetiver, and golden plum. 

Sweet Ash

Sweet Ash is a fan favorite. In fact, it’s so good that even Taylor Lautner picked it for his own signature wedding scent

Sweet Ash is a lowkey, earthy scent that combines juniper, bergamot, fir balsam, Tonka, vanilla bean, white moss, and patchouli. Plus, Sweet Ash is available as both a fragrance and a candle, so you can wear and burn it for a cohesive signature scent across the entire wedding. 

Scented Candles To Burn on Your Wedding Night

There are a few ways to add a signature scent to your reception, but our go-to option is burning your favorite luxurious candles throughout the venue. Try these scented candles to set the scene for the perfect reception. 

Way With Woods

The Way With Woods candle has a subtle, crisp scent to keep you feeling fresh during your post-wedding celebration. It features white tea, mandarin, sandalwood, amber woods, vetiver, and musk. Just like Sweet Ash, this scent is available as both a candle and a fragrance. If you’re looking for a different matching set, wear and burn Way With Woods from the vows through the after-party.


Lean into the wedding theme with a candle that makes a statement and seals the deal. Our Prenup candle has a musky, smooth scent that features ink, black amber, vetiver, ebony wood, vanilla, and tonka bean. Prenup is sure to set the tone for your reception and last beyond the honeymoon stage. 

Off The Grid

If you’re looking for a more calming, tranquil smell for your wedding night, try Off The Grid. This candle combines lily of the valley, moss, cypress, tuberose, cedar, cistus amber, and sandalwood for a soothing and herby feel. 

Instant Karma

For a darker, dreamier scented candle, consider Instant Karma. With a blend of cardamom, nashi pear, black plum, geranium, vetiver, cedarwood, and black tea, this creamy blend is the perfect balance of sensual and spicy. 

Tips for Wearing a Scent on Your Wedding Day

Once you choose your signature wedding fragrance, you’ll want it to last all day (and all night). Here are our top tips for wearing a scent on your wedding day.

Don’t Overdo It

Trust us, we get it — you want to smell incredible on your wedding day. However, don’t let your enthusiasm about your wedding scent cause you to spray half the bottle on yourself. Instead, strike the right balance where your scent is prominent but not overwhelming. 

Before the wedding day, wear your scent a few times to see how it sits on your skin and how long it lasts. Snif fragrances only need two to three spritz to last all day, and you can always have a Snif Mini on hand to re-apply throughout the night. You can also make your fragrance last longer by moisturizing before you spray. 

Match the Scent With the Season

Consider matching your signature wedding scent with the season. If you’re planning a snowy winter wedding, a warmer, earthier fragrance might match the ambiance of the event. If your big day is in the summer, you might want a fruity, floral fragrance that makes you feel like your tropical honeymoon is already underway. 

Confidence Is Key

Arguably the most important tip for wearing your wedding scent is to remember that it should make you feel like you own the room — because, in this case, you actually do. 

This is your big day, so go for a scent that simply makes you feel amazing. This could be a scent that is tried and true to you or something completely different than what you might normally wear.

A Signature Scent for Your Big Day

Picking a signature scent for your special day can be one of the most exciting parts of wedding planning. No matter what you choose, your fragrance will be a detail of your big day that you’ll remember for decades to come.


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