How To Make Perfume Last Longer: 7 Fragrance Hacks

There’s nothing worse than putting on your favorite fragrance just for it to disappear by the time you get to dinner. That’s why at Snif, we develop each scent to last as long as possible. But what else can you do to make your favorite fragrance last all day or night? We’ve got the tea on how to get the most from your scent! 

Before we dive in, we want to clear the air on the word “perfume”. At Snif, we believe that fragrance is for all. That's why we don't use words like perfume or cologne to actively describe our scents. However, we recognize it is our role to help educate and translate the fragrance world, and so we'll occasionally reference these words in our blog posts!

Snif’s Tips to Make Your Scent Stay

Here are our seven tips on the dos and don'ts of a long-lasting scent so that you aren’t wasting any fragrance on unnecessary sprays.

Start with a Clean Base

Make sure that wherever you apply your fragrance, your skin is clean and free of any other products. 

Ideally, your fragrance will last longer when your skin is clean and dry right after a bath or shower. Dry yourself off and spray away. If you’re in a rush, use a washcloth and just give your pulse points a little clean before applying your fragrance. 

Use this tip as an excuse to pamper yourself. Take that extra-long self-care bath or shower, and put on your favorite fragrance when you get out. Your fragrance will last longer and feel stronger, too.

Use Moisturizer

This next tip is a win-win! Moisturizers or body lotions, as a base for you to spray the fragrance on, can help enhance the staying power of your scent. Definitely use an unscented lotion if you have one, as any scented lotions might mess with the intended scent of your favorite fragrance. We want that scent to stand out, right? 

Because oily skin types can retain fragrances better, a dab of moisturizer — or even vaseline or petroleum jelly — can help to lock that scent into place.

Apply Fragrances To the Pulse Points

Pulse points are the best place to spray your sandalwood, patchouli, musk, or any other iconic scent. So, what are pulse points? 

Pulse points are areas of your body where your arteries are closest to the skin, where you can feel your heartbeat. These are spots like your wrists, on the neck in between your collar bones, behind the ears, on your elbows, and on the back of your knees.

These areas not only amplify your fragrances but are also widely known as the best spots to apply your signature scent for maximum staying power and a long lifespan.

Don’t Rub Scents on Your Wrists 

While we’ve all seen that “get ready” movie montage where the lead character applies a scent by spritzing and rubbing their wrists, that’s not the best real-life solution.

When we rub our wrists together, we deplete the scent of our fragrance by literally wearing out the first things you smell in it. This movement is actually causing those delicious scents to disappear and break apart. As far as we can tell, the idea that you should apply scents on your wrists and rub them together is a myth.

Don’t Spray Fragrances Directly on Your Hair 

Speaking of myths, we also don’t recommend spraying scents directly onto your hair. Like rubbing scents on your wrists, this is a common fragrance habit that doesn’t really do you any favors. The natural oils in your hair may help it retain fragrances, but spritzing scents directly onto your locks can make them dry out. 

Instead, experts recommend putting your scent on your hairbrush and combing it through your hair for a light scent that doesn’t saturate your strands quite as much (and prevents some alcohol damage in the process).

Spray From Five to Seven Inches Away 

Five to seven inches might seem like a long distance to spritz your fragrance, but there’s a reason While you might be used to spraying from closer, you’ll feel the difference when you make the switch.

This method prevents perfume from dispersing in large droplets that only touch little bits of your skin’s surface. When you spray from a bit further away, you cover more ground and more evenly distribute the smell you’re looking to achieve.

When you have more of the scent across your body, you’ll experience a longer-lasting effect.

Spray Two to Four Times 

Pick the number of sprays that work for you, but we suggest keeping it around two to four. 

We suggest two if you want a subtle effect or wear a vibrant fragrance (think: coffee date appropriate). Meanwhile, we’d go for four if you're a bold person or want to amplify a subtle scent (like when you want to grab the cute barista’s attention).

This rule of thumb allows you to play around with how much of your fragrance you want to enjoy and works for nearly all fragrances. When you apply perfume within this range, you’ll find that perfect balance of a scent that is lasting but not overwhelming.

When in doubt, grab your sample or travel-size bottle to do some touch-ups later if needed.

Long-Lasting Scents With Clean Ingredients

At Snif, we pride ourselves on creating clean, genderless, high-quality fragrances. 

We refuse to compromise with the norms of the fragrance industry and use only the best ingredients in every formula we create. We don’t want you breaking the bank either, so all of our scents are accessibly priced. (A quality fragrance shouldn’t cost the same as a 7-day trip to Ibiza.)

While you’re taking that relaxing bath we mentioned earlier, start browsing our collection for a new scent you will love. 

Whether you’re hitting the pool by day or tearing up the dance floor at night, Snif’s fine fragrance is crafted to keep up with you and your lifestyle.



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