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Need a gift or 3? We take the stress out of holiday shopping with our present-ready fragrance kits.

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snif x Harry

Don’t sleep on our limited edition scent with Harry Hudson.

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    choose your kit.

    Order the Bundle or a Single scent kit. We’ll put a hold on your card for the full order amount during your trial period.

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    try the scents.

    You’ll receive your kit with full-size bottles and samples of each scent. Spray, wear, and share the samples free for 7 days.

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    keep what you love.

    After the trial is over, we’ll only charge you for the full-size bottles you keep. Even better? Keep all 3 scents and you'll save $$$.

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    return what you don’t.

    Submit your returns online by the end of the 7-day trial period. Once you get your prepaid shipping label, send back the unopened full-size bottles.

this isn't a haiku.

we're selling fragrance.

  • We're premium, not pretentious. Our formulas rival high-end designer fragrances without the snob.

  • No ridiculous pricing or markups here. When it comes to fragrance, we value scent over status.

  • No peer pressure or delayed gratification. Our Snif Kits let you to try our scents free for 7 days.

  • We’re all for getting handsy, but not when it involves TSA. All our fragrances come in a 30ml bottle.

  • Drop the perfume and cologne labels. Our fragrances are formulated for everyone to enjoy.

  • Our fragrances are cruelty-free, vegan, and made in accordance with clean industry standards.


"makes me want to retreat to Big Sur in a yurt with a glass of wine. "


“smells like a gemini in a pile of clean sheets on a Sunday.


“this scent screams hipster tapas bar with soft, relaxing outdoor lighting.

we like talking trash on traditional fragrance

see why ↗

we like talking trash on traditional fragrance

see why ↗