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Try our latest collection of top-tier, genderless scents for 7 days without leaving home. Each full-size bottle comes with a free 2 ML sample.

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“...totally changed
the way I look at
buying scents.”

“I could still smell all of Snif’s scents on my skin as my head hit the pillow the same night.”

"...breaks the mold of the traditional market which revels in exclusivity..."

“And trust us: the aromas are so addicting, you'll probably want them all.”

How The Trial Works.

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Check out with a Bundle or Single Kit, and we’ll put a temporary hold on your card. Each kit comes with a free 2 ML sample.


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You’ll have 7 days to try the samples and decide. We’ll charge your card for the full-size bottles you keep once the trial is over.


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Your order will arrive in 3-5 business days. Don’t love a scent? Submit a return before your trial ends and ship it back free.

bring the fragrance
counter to you.

the bundle kit.

Elevate your fragrance wardrobe with 3 unique, genderless scents. The Bundle Kit includes 3 full-size fragrances and 2 ML samples. With our at-home trial, you can wear the sample scents for 7 days before you commit. Keep what you love and return what you don’t.

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free shipping. free returns. ↗

meet the new threesome.

Our Collection 2 scents are clean, long-lasting, and ready to mingle. PS they’re looking for a fourth ;)

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Sweet Ash


a scent to shake that
ash to.

Honorable Mention


a winning scent that
tries the least.

Poppy Issues


a good-time scent with
a complicated past.

they sell fantasies.

we sell fine fragrance.

  • Premium ingredients without the perfume counter drama.

  • Beauty should break hearts,
    not the bank.

  • Our Snif Kits let you try our scents for 7 days. Snif week is our favorite week.

  • For that spur of the moment trip. Our 30 ml bottles are ready to go when you are.

  • We’re stripping the labels in more ways than one. Snif is for anyone and everyone.

  • We like our scents clean, vegan, and always cruelty-free.

Michelle, Honorable mention

"this is hands down my new favorite fragrance. got me smelling clean, fresh, and delicious. i've received multiple compliments on it and requests to know what i'm wearing."

Erin, Poppy Issues

"i didn't expect to care for poppy issues, but once i put it on i loved it! it has a fresh, floral, green, natural scent on me that's very pretty, but not too feminine or overpowering."

Morgan, Sweet Ash

"this scent is going to be my forever scent!! it is seriously the most amazing, addicting smell my nose has ever had the pleasure of encountering."

why our founders
created snif

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why our founders
created snif

watch now ↗