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Collection 3 Bundle Kit


all 3 of our collection 3 scents.

Burning Bridges


A smoky scent with a flair
for the dramatic.

Natural Talent


A velvety scent that was
just born with โ€œit".

Show Pony


A warm, smooth scent that
always places first.

Sweet Ash


a scent to shake that
ash to.

Honorable Mention


a winning scent that
tries the least.

Poppy Issues


a good-time scent with
a complicated past.

Ex on the Beach


the scent with that
e(x) factor.

Salty Stares


a scent so good, they
might throw shade.

Way with Woods

Sold Out $65

a subtle scent
with hidden talents.

Candle Bundle Kit


all 3 of our collection 1 candles.

Birds and the Breeze


A coastal scent that stands out
from the flock.

Off the Grid


A relaxing scent for the
do not disturbed.

Instant Karma


A cozy scent that knows what goes around, comes around.

Old Saint Wick

from $49

2021 special-edition holiday candle.



A newlywed scent thatโ€™ll burn well after the ink has dried.

A Scent by Harry Hudson

Sold Out $65

a friendly scent for
better days.

Pacifico by Surfaces

Sold Out $65

a beachy scent with the
tan lines to prove it.

Digital Gift Card

from $25

the best gift of all.