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Way with Woods

30ml + 2ml sample - $65

a subtle scent with hidden talents.

  • Hands down, our fan-favorite fragrance. It’s subtle, inviting, and gives us the woodsy scent we’re after with a bright touch of white tea. An easy to wear scent for every day or night.

  • We don’t do industry speak, but if you want to know more about what Way With Woods smells like, text SNIFSCENTS to 28398.

  • A far-off, dreamy location you've never been to.

“This scent screams hipster tapas bar with soft, relaxing outdoor lighting.

Jane F.

"Reminds me of a Mezcal Cocktail in the backyard after a makeout sesh ."

Tay S.

“This scent screams that couple on Instagram that seem like they got it all figured out.”

Clayton G.

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