10 Housewarming Gifts for New Spaces

Picking the perfect housewarming gift can be hard, to say the least. Whether it’s for your bestie or a friend-of-a-friend, it can be tricky to decide what would make the perfect addition to someone’s new home. 

Most gift guides you find will recommend the usual: a cheese board, a serving tray, or a set of wine glasses. Over here at Snif, we like to give gifts we know they’ll use right away, instead of adding to that pile of unopened (or opened, but unwanted) kitchen gadgets.

We’re here to help with 10 of our favorite housewarming gift ideas so that you can find the perfect decor item, gadget, or fragrance for all the new homeowners or relocated renters in your life.

The Best Housewarming Gift Ideas for a New House

Let’s get into the good stuff — from candles to cookware to the perfect fragrance, these are our top picks for housewarming gifts.

1. A Scented Candle

We think it goes without saying that one of the best housewarming gifts is a scented candle. Whether your loved one has moved into a beach-front condo or a house in the midwest suburbs, there’s the perfect scented candle out there to elevate their home and make it really feel like home.

Maybe your friends are newlyweds, and you want to gift them a candle that will remind them of their honeymoon long after it ends. In that case, Snif’s best-seller Prenup candle might be the ideal housewarming gift. With vanilla, Tonka, and ebony wood, burning this candle can make a new place feel like home in an instant. 

If you have a loved one who escapes to the beach any chance they get, the Ditch Plains candle can bring the oceanside vibe to them. With neroli, tuberose, orris, rum, sandalwood, cedarwood, tobacco, and amber, this candle is reminiscent of a stroll down the boardwalk, making it a flawless fit for anyone who loves a seaside oasis. 

2. Minimalist Home Decor

A big trend for new homeowners is minimalist home decor. Sleek, simple items can easily be incorporated into anyone’s aesthetic, whether they lean into all things neutral or are a fan of anything colorful and eclectic. 

Think about the size of your friend or family member’s new space when you’re gifting home decor. If someone is moving into a new house that will have lots of wall space to fill, a large print or poster may be the best housewarming gift. A beautifully designed XL candle, like our Instant Karma, also works perfectly as minimalist decor that serves a purpose.

However, if they’re moving into a tiny New York apartment, you might want to find a chic candle holder or a cool monogram cutting board that will enhance the space without overwhelming it (or making it feel even smaller). 

3. A Welcoming Doormat

What better way to say “Welcome to your new home!” than with a doormat that literally welcomes them into their new home? 

You can go chic or comedic with a doormat to give your gift a personal touch. Regardless of what type of doormat you pick, they’ll think of you every time they come home. 

4. High-Quality Cast Iron Cookware

If you’re looking for a gift for the home chef in your life, look no further than high-quality cast iron cookware. For someone who loves to cook, a well-made pot or pan can make all the difference in their kitchen. 

The best part? Getting to enjoy a home-cooked meal the next time you’re invited over, all thanks to their favorite new cookware. 

5. A Set of Coasters

Another great gift for your family member with a new space is a coaster set. If they’re coffee or tea drinkers or wine lovers, a set of coasters is the perfect gift to spice up their space and keep their coffee table clean. 

Coasters are the perfect housewarming gift because they can work in any space, regardless of size, and you know they’ll actually get used.

6. A Quality Coffee Maker

If the new homeowner you’re shopping for is a coffee drinker, then a quality coffee maker could be the perfect gift for them. 

Toeing the line between functional and fun, a coffee maker is a gift that will take your loved one’s mornings to the next level. It’ll also give the bar cart in their new kitchen an effortlessly cool French feel that even their go-to coffee shop can’t compete with.

You can even throw in some dishwasher-safe mugs to help completely revamp their morning routine.

7. A Gift Basket

For an extra special housewarming gift, consider making your loved one a gift basket. Think of all of their favorite things or some items that remind you of them, and arrange them in a cute basket.

If they’re the kind of person who loves a chill movie night, you might want to fill their basket with a cozy throw blanket, some gourmet popcorn, and a relaxing candle like Off The Grid

If they’re the type to cook instead of ordering take-out, little goodies like hand soap or a bottle of high-quality olive oil can spruce up your gift basket even more. 

For that friend who loves the holidays, even when it isn’t the holiday season, you can put their favorite seasonal treat, a small decor item, and a scented holiday candle in their basket. Candles like Old Saint Wick, Lost Claus, and Half-Baked Pumpkin Smash will help take your gift basket to the next level. 

8. A Luxe Fragrance

Another housewarming gift for your friend in a new space is a luxe fragrance. Although it isn’t necessarily a gift for their home, a new signature scent can help your friend or family member feel just as fresh as their new space.

Something fun and fruity like Tart Deco will add a juicy burst to their life, while a more subtle scent can put them in a more professional, relaxed mindset. A luxe fragrance is a personalized, thoughtful gift that won’t take up too much space. 

9. Bath Towels and Kitchen Towels

If you’re looking for a present for a friend who values comfort and aesthetics, think about gifting them some bath towels or kitchen towels. There’s nothing better than a soft, luxurious towel after a hot shower, and no kitchen is complete without a statement towel — and you can even embroider their family name as a thoughtful finishing touch. 

Make sure to check in with your friend about their interior design color palette before you choose towels for them to ensure that they fit perfectly with the vibe. 

10. A Candle Gift Set

Last but certainly not least, if you can’t just choose one candle for your friend, consider buying them a candle gift set. The best part about a candle bundle is that it allows you to choose different scents for different rooms in your loved one’s new house. 

At Snif, you can bundle three candles together. Complete the gift with a note that hints at the purpose for each one!

You can even go so far as to recommend a specific candle for the bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen when you gift your candle set to make it feel even more thoughtful. 

Gifts To Make Unpacking Easier

For those of us who will make any excuse to avoid assisting a move, you can still make unpacking easier for your loved ones with a thoughtful gift. 

For some people, something a little more functional, like a quality electric kettle or a cocktail shaker, might be the perfect gift. For others, a more decadent, luxurious item like a scented candle or a piece of decor might be just what they need to relax and feel at home in their new space long after the housewarming party is over. 

Whatever it is, you’ll have a little piece in helping them create their new home. Now all you have to do is start shopping!


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