7 Winter Fragrances To Make You Forget It’s Winter

Winter is a season that can feel like an entire year. Whether you’re obsessed with cozy nights in and hanging holiday lights, or you count down the days until spring break, picking the right fragrance or candle scent can amplify whatever you’re most looking forward to. 

To help, we’ve pulled together a list of our favorite winter fragrances and candles that will help you escape or embrace the gray days. 

What Are the Best Fragrances for Winter?

To set the tone, we want to emphasize that the “best” fragrances for any season are the ones you love the most. Fragrance is a way to express yourself, and there are no rules except wearing what you like. So, if there’s a fragrance you’ve been dying to try that seems too “summery” for winter, we say try it. 

That said, embracing seasonality when picking a fragrance is a fun way to change it up or remind you of your favorite cliches. Here are some of our go-to fragrances that remind us of cuddling up inside with a warm (weighted) blanket or packing our bags and escaping to anywhere above 70 degrees. 

Sweet Ash

Sweet Ash was called the “Best Woody Fragrance” by New York Magazine, and for good reason. This low-key fragrance combines juniper, bergamot, fir balsam, Tonka, vanilla bean, white moss, and patchouli to make a scent that’s sweet and earthy. The silky blend of wood and vanilla makes this a balanced fragrance. 

This is the perfect winter fragrance for you if you’re looking for something that smells warm and fresh and can easily go from day to night. 

Burning Bridges

For a more dramatic scent this winter, you might want to try Burning Bridges. This toasty fragrance features vanilla, tobacco, iris, rose, fresh spices, freesia, and oakmoss. Burning Bridges is bold and complex, and it’s the perfect scent to spruce up those gray winter days. 

Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention deserves a bigger accolade than its name suggests. Featuring peach, Timur pepper, jasmine tea, lily, orange blossom, cypress, and vetiver, it’s a woody floral with a peachy twist. 

This scent is bright, spicy, and smooth. It’ll warm you up and wake you up on those cold winter mornings when all you want to do is crawl back in bed under the covers. 

Show Pony

If you’re looking for a scent that’s warm and mysterious, look no further than Show Pony. In this fragrance, black tea, saffron, vetiver, sandalwood, bergamot, black pepper, and golden plum elegantly combine to make this smooth scent. 

You may want to wear Show Pony in winter when you’re craving a warm, luxurious experience. Perhaps you have a fancy dinner party or just want to spoil yourself while making dinner at home. No matter the occasion, take things to the next level with Show Pony. 

Natural Talent

There’s nothing better than curling up on a comfy leather couch, lighting a fire, and watching every episode of your latest Netflix show in the winter. The leathery notes in Natural Talent will conjure up these kinds of memories, while the juicy tones keep it smooth and exciting. 

Combining apricot, jasmine, soft suede, osmanthus flower, clementine, sandalwood, and cistus, this scent is rich and velvety. 

Way With Woods

For a more subtle winter scent, try Way With Woods, one of our fan-favorite fragrances. This subtle, inviting scent features white tea, mandarin, sandalwood, amber woods, vetiver, and musk. Way With Woods is light and woodsy, which makes it the perfect scent for a winter stroll or a study session at your favorite cafe. 

Tart Deco

Our final winter fragrance suggestion is Tart Deco. This complex, juicy fragrance is a delicious choice for a dull winter day when you need an energizing boost. 

Combining black cherry, raspberry, rose, jasmine, mimosa, birchwood, vetiver, and vanilla, Tart Deco is playful and luxurious. If you want something fruity and rich to give your outfit a bright burst, this is the option for you.

What Are the Best Candles To Burn This Winter?

If you’re looking for a new signature scent for your space this winter, here’s a list of our favorite candles for a night in. All these candles are available in our 8.5 oz or 50 oz sizes for a burn time that will last for your entire winter hibernation. Our 8.5 oz candle burns for over 50 hours, while our 50 oz size lasts over 200 hours.

Plus, our candles are made from non-toxic, paraffin-free, vegan, and cruelty-free ingredients. The same fragrance used in Snif scents is used in our scented candles, which makes them high-quality and long-lasting candle options.

Old Saint Wick

Old Saint Wick is one of Oprah’s favorite things for 2022, and we know why. This fresh-smelling candle combines Siberian pine, apple blossom, rosemary, jasmine, fir balsam, sandalwood, and cedarwood. The apple blossom smells like a semi-dry cider, giving this candle a bright twist alongside its creamy, woody smell. 

If you want a candle that will burn all winter long, you can count on our 8.5 oz Old Saint Wick candle to burn for at least 50 hours when properly cared for. Thanks to the high-quality materials, blend of soy and vegetable wax, and pure cotton wick, you can enjoy your Old Saint Wick candle all year long. 

Off the Grid

For a calmer and warmer candle, you can try Off The Grid. This soothing candle features lily, moss, cypress, tuberose, cedar, cistus amber, and sandalwood. It is the perfect candle for a cold winter night when all you want is to unplug and relax. 

Sweet Ash

If you fell in love with our Sweet Ash fragrance, you can now buy it in candle form. This smooth, delicious scent is both sweet and earthy. You’ll find hints of juniper, bergamot, fir balsam, Tonka, vanilla bean, white moss, and patchouli in our Sweet Ash candle. Unlike some of the brighter-smelling candles, Sweet Ash is a more low-key scent, making it perfect for a space where tranquility and relaxation are the priority. 

Instant Karma

Instant Karma is a darker, dreamier candle option. This creamy candle combines cardamom, nashi pear, black plum, geranium, vetiver, cedarwood, and black tea. You’ll find the smell of Instant Karma to be spicy, warm, and sensual. It’s the perfect candle to warm up a space when winter makes it cold. 

Keep Things Cozy

When winter begins, find a scent that matches the mindset you want to be in. You can lean into a cozy mood with a woody fragrance such as Sweet Ash, or if you’re dreaming of brighter days, turn to a more daring scent like Tart Deco. 

Now that we’ve explored the best fragrances for this winter, remember that you can try any scent before making the financial commitment. If you want to get a sample of a fragrance before you make it your new signature scent, simply select the “Try At Home” option. You’ll receive a free 2 mL sample along with a 30 mL fragrance in the mail, and you have seven days to decide whether or not you want to keep the fragrance. 

No matter what scent you choose to make your own this winter, remember that every Snif product is made for every season and everyone. So, start testing out which fragrances and candles are a fit for you with our try-before-you-buy model to find the perfect match. 


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