Gift Ideas for All Your Best Friends: A Guide

Whether it’s that time of year when the White Elephant and Secret Santa invitations start rolling in, or you have five friends who all happen to be Pisces, it can be difficult to come up with gift ideas for all of your best friends that feel creative and personal.

When finding the perfect gift, you want something they wouldn’t buy for themselves but will have them wondering how they ever lived without it. 

Luckily, we’ve put together a gift guide so you can shower your friends with thoughtful and unique surprises all year round all year long. 

The Gift of Snif: Gift Ideas for Every Best Friend

Picking a signature fragrance for your friend is an off-the-shelf gift that feels customized.

Before we dive in, it’s important to note that we don’t subscribe to gendered products here at Snif, so each of the scents in this guide is designed for everyone on your gifting list. We also believe the best way to find the fragrance you’re looking for is to try it for yourself. If you have a particularly picky friend who you’re nervous to buy for, our try-before-you-buy model is the perfect fit. 

The try-before-you-buy model lets you (and your friend!) pick from an assortment our fragrances or candles. The order will come with a full size and sample size of each product, and you and your friend will have seven days to try out the samples. You and your friend can keep what you love and send back the rest, and the return fees are always on us.

So whether you want to give your friend the gift of options, or you are confident in picking their new signature scent, here’s our go-to recommendations for presents they’ll love. 

The Always Put-Together Friend: Sweet Ash Fragrance and Candle 

A matching fragrance and candle combo is a perfect gift for the friend that loves cohesion. If they have a go-to color scheme from their outfits to their living room, or an unwavering morning routine, support their need for consistency with a new scent that they can wear and burn. 

Sweet Ash was our most popular fragrance, so we decided to make it an equally irresistible candle. The Sweet Ash candle is low-key, sweet, and earthy. It will welcome anyone into a room and leave them wanting more. Made from a combination of juniper, bergamot, fir balsam, Tonka, vanilla bean, white moss, and patchouli, this scent is the epitome of comfy and cozy. 

As a fragrance, Sweet Ash is silky and balanced, just like its candle cousin. This is the perfect fragrance for a friend who knows what they like and perfectly curates their space to reflect it. 

The Outspoken Friend: Prenup Candle

Don’t let the name throw you off: You can gift the Prenup Candle to any of your friends whether they’re already married or happily single. This is a warm, memorable scent that will help your best friend turn any drab room into a sweet, musky oasis. 

Prenup features ink, black amber, vetiver, ebony wood, musk, vanilla, and tonka bean, otherwise known as vanilla’s smooth-talking cousin. This makes for a smooth, musky scent that will create a honeymoon atmosphere on the first date. It’s romantic and mysterious, perfect for your best friend who knows how to make a night memorable. 

The Indecisive Friend: The Snif Candle Bundle Kit

What about the indecisive friend? The one who falls down a Google rabbit hole when you ask them where they want to go to dinner and tries on 100 outfits before finally picking the first one they put on. This year, give them the gift of choice with the Snif Candle Bundle Kit.

With this kit, you can gift your best friend three 8.5 oz candles (designed to burn for 50+ hours) and three two-ounce samples. In case numbers are your thing, the candles and samples combined provide over 200 hours of burn time when properly cared for. You can give your most loveable, indecisive friend the opportunity to sample three different Snif candles before they commit to one (or not).

The Nostalgic Friend: Tart Deco Fragrance

If your friend loves a good throwback, gift Tart Deco. This juicy scent lets you hit rewind with its playful yet sophisticated mixture of black cherry, raspberry, rose, jasmine, mimosa, birchwood, vetiver, and vanilla. 

The Subtly Cool Friend: Suganami Scent

For your friend who makes an impression without even trying, amplify their entrance with Suganami. This fragrance features an intoxicating blend of Angelica seeds (peppery with a green side), coriander, iris, rose, cypress, myrrh, amber, cedarwood, and creamy musks.

Suganami is the perfect combination of natural, woody scents and bright spices. Plus, it’s packaged in 100% compostable materials for your friend who’s always looking for ways to be more sustainable. 

The Homebody Friend: Instant Karma Candle

When a night in sounds better than a night out, help your friend make their space extra cozy and moody with the Instant Karma candle.

This dark and dreamy candle is made with cardamom, nashi pear, black plum, geranium, vetiver, cedarwood, and black tea. It’s spicy, warm, and sensual and will instantly add comfort and class to a lazy night in or a suave dinner party.

The Outdoorsy Friend: Hidden Youth Candle

This limited-edition candle knows how to bring the desert to you (or your friend). Inspired by the sounds and smells of Joshua Tree, the Hidden Youth candle by Surfaces combines pink pepper, rhubarb, vetiver, moss, amber, mineral woods, and juniper. 

It’s the best gift for your friend who knows how to soak in the sunshine and get their boots dirty. This is one scent they can get lost in, with its earthy, relaxing harmony of fragrances — ideal for a best friend who knows how to wander.

The Friend Who’s Birthday Snuck Up on You: Snif digital gift card

Life happens, and sometimes the 15th of May sneaks up on us faster than we thought. If you’re in a pinch and want a thoughtful gift you can have… immediately, give them a Snif Digital Gift Card. They can take their time and pick a fragrance or candle they love, but still credit you whenever they smell it.

Gifts That Are Guaranteed To Please

It can be hard to find gifts you love as much as the people you’re giving them to. With a Snif fragrance or candle, you can give a personalized gift that will keep your best friend and their space smelling delicious all year long.


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