Is It Time for a Change? How To Choose a New Fragrance

If you’re tired of your signature scent and ready to swap that oh-so-familiar fragrance for something new and exciting, you're in luck. Today, we're diving into the vibrant world of fragrances and talking about how to choose a new scent when it’s time for a change. 

There's nothing wrong with having a go-to scent (we recommend it), but it doesn't hurt to keep things interesting with other options. Get ready to spritz your way into a world of scents that not only complements your style but also adds a dash of joy to your life. 

How Do Fragrances Reflect Your Personality? 

The scent you wear says more about you than you may think, and there's a fragrance out there that can perfectly fit any personality. Let's go over some of the different scent families and how they can reflect varying personalities. 

Citrus Scents

If you’re an outgoing and vibrant person whose report card growing up said you were “quite chatty,” citrusy scents may be your perfect fit. These fragrances use zesty lime, tangy orange, and the crispness of neroli to create lively, happy, fun-filled scents. 

Floral Fragrances

Those with particularly friendly energy often match perfectly with floral scents. The inviting fragrance of jasmine, gardenia, and lily can lift anyone's spirits. Floral scents tend to have a delicate, soft, and welcoming vibe, making them a great option for your inner feminine energy.

Spicy, Woody Scents

Bold and “outspoken” personalities tend to mesh well with spicy, woody fragrances. The sweet, leathery smell of scents like sandalwood and the warmth of spices like cinnamon can instantly draw in others almost as much as your overly-personal questions. 

Oceanic Freshness

Aquatic fragrances are great for the laidback, free spirit. Think of the freshness of sea salt and a cool breeze coming off the ocean — these beachy scents are perfect for personalities that don't have a problem going with the flow. 

When Is It Time To Switch Up Your Scent? 

Switching up the fragrance you have always used can seem risky at first, but change can be a good thing, right? Knowing when to bid adieu (even momentarily) to your trusty signature scent can be tough. We have some friendly nudges from the fragrance universe. 

1. You're Bored of Your Current Go-Tos 

When you've been playing the same notes on repeat for years, and they're starting to sound like a broken record, it's time to switch things up. Embrace the excitement of something new and find a fragrance that feels new and energizing. 

2. The Seasons Are Changing

The seasons bring more than just a shift in the weather — as the world outside transforms, so can your scent game. Swapping out your summer options for cozier, warmer scents in fall and winter could be just what you need. 

3. You're Heading On a Trip 

Going on vacation is an exciting time to relax and have some fun. Your new destination deserves a fresh fragrance. Opt for something light and breezy for those beach escapes, and something with a touch of sophistication if you’re heading on a city escapade. 

Tailoring your fragrance to your travel adventures can add an extra layer of memory and experience. Plus, when you smell it when you get home, you'll be transported to that getaway

4. Your Signature Scent Doesn't Feel Like "You" Anymore 

Everyone has that fragrance they’ve been using since high school — you keep going back to it like a first love. However, at some point, it's out with the old and in with the new, even signature fragrances. People grow and change, and so do their scent preferences. Don't shy away from changing things up because of familiarity. 

How Can You Choose a New Fragrance?

Choosing a new fragrance doesn't have to be intimidating, but it can take some effort. However, it should still be fun and satisfying. We've got your back (and your nose) with a guide to walk you through picking your next fragrance

Decide What You're Looking For 

Figure out what type of fragrance you're after. Are you into sweet and playful scents or something more mysterious and alluring? You should also consider scent strength. Do you want a subtle scent you can wear for everything or a bold scent that stands out? 

Start Testing Scents 

The best way to find what you like is by trying a wide variety of scents. You can head to your local Ulta Beauty to shop the shelf, or use Snif’s try-before-you-buy program to experiment with a from the comfort of home. Smelling and comparing scents in-person will help you start to refine your search towards scents that have the best first impressions. 

Take Note of Your Favorites 

As you try different scents, jot down the fragrances you're enjoying the most. These are your contenders that have passed that initial “sniff” test. You can start to see trends in what you like, from certain scent families or the overall feeling you experience when you spray it. 

Spend Time With a Fragrance Before Committing

As you narrow down your favorites, it’s time to start spending extended time with your most promising leads. Think of this time as the dating stage in the journey. You have to spend some time with the fragrance to see if you want to take things to the next level. Pay attention to how the scent develops as you wear it.

Fragrance experts often talk about the various notes in a perfume — the top notes you smell first transition to the heart notes (or middle notes), and the scent finishes with the base notes. 

You don't need to dive into this much detail on the scent profile, but take a whiff of the scent when you first apply it and again after it's had time to dry down. Do you still love it? The various fragrance notes may change your opinion of the scent. 

Be sure to also take notice of how the scent mixes with your body chemistry. Your natural scent can slightly alter how a fragrance smells. 

Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone 

Fragrance testing is the time to be a little adventurous. Explore scents you may not usually gravitate toward. Who knows, your perfect scent might be hiding in a fragrance family you didn't expect. 

Choose What Speaks to You 

When it's time to make a decision on your new scent, think about which fragrance makes you feel your best. You can also ask your friends and family what they think of the scent if you need help picking. 

Finding Your Perfect Match 

The right scent is out there, but knowing where to start is helpful. Put your sense of smell to use and have fun testing out everything from fruity to musky to spicy fragrances. Still not sure what to reach for? Snif has a selection of award-winning, genderless fragrances you can start to explore. 


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