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Salty Stares

30ml + 2ml sample - $65

a scent so good, they might throw shade.

  • We’ve never smelled a fragrance quite like this. It’s green, slightly peppery, refreshing, and keeps us coming back for more. You'll want to spray it on everything you own.

  • We don't do complicated notes, but if you want to know more about what Salty Stares smells like, text SNIFSCENTS to 28398.

  • Come again?

“Smells like a Gemini in a pile of clean sheets on a Sunday .”

Ryan L.

"Makes me want to bust out a bucket hat and dance to Watermelon Sugar .”

Kay M.

“Smells like a healthy green juice in an herb garden on a summer day .”

Kathryn J.

spray. snif. wear. repeat. spray. snif. wear. repeat. spray. snif. wear. repeat.

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