Our Most Popular Fragrances: The Classics

Even if you love fragrances, shopping for them can sometimes be overwhelming. With confusing jargon and exclusionary prices, it can easily seem like a daunting task. 

That’s where Snif comes in. Snif is committed to making high-quality, luxury, unisex scents at attainable prices, and you’ll never find us talking about top notes and other complicated industry terminology. 

Instead, we’re here to demystify scent shopping and make it fun for everyone.

It can sometimes be hard to know where to start when shopping for scents, so today, we’re giving you an overview of six of our best fragrances and a guide for choosing your new signature scent. 

Our Most Popular Five-Star Fragrances 

Now that you know who we are and what makes us different, let’s take a closer look at our most popular five-star fragrances.

1. Sweet Ash

Sweet Ash is the first fragrance on our best-seller list, and for good reason. 

This scent is subtle, sweet, and addictive, and it takes earthy and gives it a sweet twist. Sweet Ash gets its sweetness from tonka and decadent vanilla bean, while juniper, bergamot, fir balsam, white moss, and patchouli give this fragrance an alluring musky and earthy smell. 

Given that this scent is more lowkey, it’s the perfect day-to-night fragrance. Sweet Ash can seamlessly transition with you from casual to formal settings — and trust us, you’ll get hooked real quick. 

2. Tart Deco

The next show-stopping fragrance on our list is Tart Deco. This is a juicy, luxurious scent that sure knows how to walk the line between sophistication and fun. 

Made with black cherry, raspberry, rose, jasmine, mimosa, birchwood, vetiver, and vanilla, Tart Deco manages to feel youthful yet chic. 

3. Golden Ticket

Another one of our most popular fragrances is our tea-inspired Golden Ticket scent. This fragrance features three different types of tea: black tea, green tea, and golden maté. It also features bergamot, the citrus fruit whose oil is responsible for the unique, comforting smell of Earl Grey tea (one of our faves). 

Golden Ticket also combines galbanum, incense, amber, and vetiver for a truly dreamy, light fragrance that also has hints of muskiness. This fragrance is bold and ethereal, and just one spray will transport you to your happy place.

4. Way With Woods

If you’re hoping for a true fan-favorite fragrance, look no further than Way With Woods

One of our most classic scents, Way With Woods features sandalwood and amber woods for a warm and inviting feeling while white tea and mandarin add an element of lightness and a subtle citrus twist. Finally, vetiver and musk combine to round out this scent with an earthy smell that’s irresistible. 

5. Strawberry Moon

Strawberry Moon is a South Beach-inspired scent that will have you sitting poolside in Miami with just one whiff. This bright, fresh fragrance blends jasmine, bergamot, iris, and pink pepper with warm leather, saffron, vetiver, and amber woods for a balanced, lively scent. 

The result is a complex, bold fragrance that’s ready for sunrise mimosas and sunset margaritas — let the good times roll. 

6. Natural Talent

The final scent on our list is juicy, leathery, and velvety

Natural Talent gets its fruity flair from apricot, clementine, iris, and osmanthus flower, a flower that smells peachy and leathery at the same time. These blend seamlessly (or should we say, naturally) with soft suede, sandalwood, and cistus to give the scent a warm, earthy feeling. 

If you could bottle up charisma, it would smell like Natural Talent.

How Can You Choose Your New Signature Scent?

So, we’ve given you the lowdown on our most popular scents… but how do you know which one to choose? 

Your signature scent doesn't necessarily need to be the fragrance you wear all the time. Instead, you can think of it as the fragrance you can confidently reach for when you’re rushing out the door to work, vacation, drinks, or, well, anywhere. Your signature scent is the friend you can always rely on.

If the thought of choosing this go-to scent seems a little overwhelming, don’t worry. We’ve got a few helpful tips you can use.

What Scents Do You Already Love?

Before you start looking at new scents, take a minute to think about the scents that you already love. 

Maybe you naturally gravitate toward floral scents because they bring back memories of the garden at your childhood home — in that case, maybe smells like orange blossom, freesia, geranium, and peony are right on the mark. 

Or, maybe you like more subtle fragrances with woodsy vibes that make you feel cozy and comfortable. If that sounds like you, scents like cedarwood, white musk, and blackcurrant might fit the bill.

Whatever the case may be, you can use this knowledge as a baseline when choosing a new signature scent. Think of your favorite fragrances as a starting point that you can build from when finding your new scent.

How Can Your Signature Scent Help You Achieve Your Goals This Year?

Obviously, we all love fragrances for the simple reason that they smell good. That being said, we like to see scents as an extension of your outfits and aesthetic, an accessory that should reflect your personality and mood.

Sweet Ash is the kind of subtle that can sneak up on you and quickly have you head over heels for it (kind of like love). That’s why it’s our top pick for anyone looking for their special someone this year. The warm, inviting nature of this fragrance may help you find love when you least expect it. 

Reconnecting with your inner child? That can be tough, but you can make it easier with Tart Deco. This juicy, fun scent is exactly the reminder you need to let your hair down and play a little. Tart Deco is a fragrance that doesn’t take itself too seriously and will inspire you to do the same. 

Golden Ticket is magical and comforting, just like home. Although it can be hard to prioritize time with family, this scent may just be the daily reminder you need to go back to your roots and connect with your loved ones, no matter how far away. Of course, you will have to plan a few in-person dinners so they can get a whiff of your new fragrance. 

If you find yourself spending too much time staring at a computer and not enough time outside, consider making Way with Woods your new signature scent. This calming, woody fragrance will inspire you to put your phone down and your hiking boots on. On those days when you can’t make it to the forest, bring the forest to you. 

Adult life can be stressful, overwhelming, and just plain hard. If you’re finding it hard to have fun these days, a playful scent like Strawberry Moon might be just what you need. This lively, sultry scent will help you slip into party mode.

You’ve already got the talent you need to land a big promotion, so why not wear Natural Talent to match? This rich, bold fragrance will turn heads and give you the confidence you need to nail the presentation and secure the promotion.

The Bottom Line

At Snif, we want to take all the mystery out of fragrance shopping. 

You don’t need to know the difference between eau de toiletteand eau de parfumto enjoy our fragrances. Our scents are for everyone to enjoy which is why all of our luxury fragrances are genderless and made from clean, high-quality ingredients. 

Whether you want a juicy scent, a bold date night fragrance, or a musky, powdery scent, we have your back. (And your arms, and your hair, and anywhere else you decide to do a little spritz.)

From earthy scents to floral fragrances and bold, bright fragrances, our range of scents spans far and wide. 

Need a starting point? Try our Mini Bestsellers Bundle. The only way to find your signature scent is to try different fragrances, so don’t be afraid to start sniffing.


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