Signature Scent: What It Is & How To Find Yours

You might have heard the phrase “signature scent” before, but what does it really mean, and how can you find your new signature scent? 

We’ll be honest. The task of finding a signature scent can seem pretty tricky at first, especially when the fragrance industry is full of complicated jargon like base notes, top notes, and eau de parfum. That’s why we aim to simplify fragrance and keep it fun, exciting, and a little less reminiscent of perfume counters in a department store.

Today, we’re giving you some top tips for finding the perfect fragrance for your personal style. 

What Is a Signature Scent?

You can basically think of a signature scent as a scent that you wear regularly — it’s your go-to and your trustee sidekick when push comes to shove. Plus, humans create strong associations with smells… which means that over time, people will start to associate your signature scent specifically with you. 

A signature scent is one that’s a perfect match for your body chemistry and personality, contributing to your overall self-care. Maybe musky or floral fragrances smell best on your skin, or maybe you love a woody fragrance like cedarwood.

The goal is that when you spritz on your signature fragrance, you feel confident, ready to take on the day, and a bit more like yourself. A signature scent can uplift your vibe in the same way that a statement necklace or your favorite pair of pants can boost your mood.

A Scent That Makes a Statement

Ideally, your signature scent should be the one that makes a real statement in your fragrance wardrobe, but what, exactly, a “statement” looks like for you is what makes it so unique. 

Maybe you want a sophisticated cherry fragrance like our Tart Deco, or maybe you want a more subtle and earthy scent, like our Sweet Ash. 

It’s also helpful to consider how you want to feel when you wear your signature scent. If you love a calming, cozy scent, try out more woody and warm fragrances, or something with musk. If you want your signature scent to be rejuvenating and energizing, then a citrus fragrance could be the one for you!

A Scent That Fits Your Personality

Although it might seem impossible to find a scent that’s your perfect match, the best way to find a fragrance that captures your essence is to let your nose decide. Try a few different fragrances before you decide on your signature scent to even out the playing field. 

Think of it this way: when you’re looking for the perfect new winter boot or sandal for sunscreen season, the only way to choose the right pair is to try a few on. The same goes for your signature scent.

Not sure where to start? Finding your signature scent has never been easier than with our free fragrance trial. Keep the scents you like, and return the ones that aren’t your vibe — for free. (More on that later.)

A Scent You Genuinely Love

Above all else, your signature scent should be one that you really, truly love. It’s your new partner in crime, and to make sure you love your signature scent on you, you need to spend some time with it. 

We all have unique skin chemistry, so scents smell a bit different on everyone. Because of that, just spritzing a little fragrance into the air or onto a tester paper won’t exactly tell you how the scent will smell on you. It’s important to try a fragrance on your skin for a few days before you fully commit to it. 

It’s also helpful to understand what scent families you’re drawn to, like woody, floral, amber, or fresh scents. Within these fragrance families, you’ll find scents ranging from citrusy to spicy and powdery — it’s all about what feels true to your preferences.

How Do You Find Your Signature Scent?

Now that you know a bit more about what exactly a signature scent is, let’s take a look at some of our best tips for finding a fragrance that feels uniquely like you.

Try Before You Buy

The best way (and really the only way) to find your ideal signature scent is to start sniffing away. After all, how else will you decide whether you prefer woody scents like sandalwood over fruity scents or patchouli? 

With our trial, you can choose three fragrances, and we’ll send you three 2 ml samples and three full-size fragrances. Once you receive your fragrances, you’ll have a week to try them out, wear them around, and see if they feel like you. 

After your trial week, you can decide to keep as many of the scents as you’d like and send back any scents you don’t like — totally free of charge, because we understand that you need to try your signature scent before you buy it. 

If you want to experiment with a few scents over a couple of months, reach for our Mini fragrance bundles. Our Bestseller bundle features mini versions of three of our most popular scents — Tart Deco, Sweet Ash, and Way With Woods — so you can spritz away in a smaller version before committing to a larger bottle. Plus, with three options, our minis are a fun way to change things around and switch up your scents.

Ask a Friend

Another great way to find your signature scent is to get the opinions of the people you love. They know and love the real you, and they just might be able to weigh in on what does or doesn’t feel like you. 

Just like when you’re trying to put together the perfect outfit for a first date, it can be helpful to have outside opinions, especially if you’ve narrowed your search down to your top two or three fragrances. 

Still, remember that at the end of the day, you know best when it comes to your signature scent. Take the advice from your friends and loved ones as just that — advice. If you’re torn between two scents, go with your gut. 

Try Layering

Maybe you’re someone who loves the idea of having something custom and totally unique to you. If so, you might find even more fun in creating your signature scent by layering fragrances. Wearing multiple fragrances at once can help you craft a unique, completely personalized scent unlike any other. 

Just remember that all scents may not work well together (just like all people), so you might have to try a few different combinations before you find the one that feels spot on. 

Go for a Subtle Scent

At Snif, we like to think of fragrances as a “second skin” that you can wear. Your signature scent should be one that is subtle but can still make a statement. Especially with particularly bright fragrances like our Strawberry Moon, it’s important to remember that sometimes, less is more. 

Generally, our fragrances only require two to three sprays per use — they love to turn heads, and they do it well. It doesn’t take a lot to be remembered for your fragrance, and you want your signature scent to complement your clothing and accessories without overshadowing them. 

Remember to wait for your fragrance to dry before you decide whether or not you like it. A scent can develop and change throughout the day as it dries and ages, so it’s key to see how a particular fragrance works with your skin throughout the day. 

Find Your Scent With Snif

Your signature scent should be one that makes a statement, fits your personality, and helps you feel your best — and now you’re equipped with our best tips on finding one that works for you. The best way to find your signature scent is to try it before you buy, so don’t be afraid to test as many scents as you need to until you find the one that is perfect for you. 


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