Find Your Scent: What Does Juniper Smell Like

Finding your signature scent can be difficult, especially when you’re not familiar with some of the ingredients commonly used in perfumery. That’s why we’re taking a close look at the invigorating, fresh scent of juniper in this article. 

We’ll break down where juniper berry essential oil comes from, what it smells like, the scents that pair well with juniper, and the Snif products that contain this distinct, delightful fragrance. 

What Is Juniper?

Before we get to the smells, we need to dive into what exactly juniper is. Juniper is a plant that comes from the cypress family. Although there are several species of juniper, the berries (which are where the oil used to make fragrances comes from) are usually small and blueish. You can find juniper berries growing in North America, Europe, and Asia on evergreen trees and shrubs. 

We refer to them as berries because they look almost like blueberries from a distance. That being said, they're actually tiny cones that have small scales that give them their berry-like appearance. These berries are turned into aromatic essential oil through a process called steam distillation. 

Although juniper has always been loved for its peppery, green smell, it’s also been used in aromatherapy. Thought to be calming and rejuvenating at the same time, juniper has been used to flavor lotion, soap, and various body products.

If you’re getting curious about the smell of juniper, we have good news for you. This uplifting fragrance is also a main note in our best-selling scent, Sweet Ash (more on that later).

What Does Juniper Smell Like?

Now that you know what juniper is and where it comes from, it’s time to break down the smell of juniper berries that give so many fragrances their irresistible smell. 


The most striking thing about the smell of juniper is its freshness. The juniper fragrance is crisp and refreshing. Think of a cool breeze or a sip of icy water, and you’ll get a sense of the feeling of the scent of juniper berries. Due to its freshness, juniper is often considered piney, resinous, and green. 


Along with its freshness, juniper is known to be an invigorating scent. What makes the scent profile of juniper so distinct is that it manages to be woody and grounding but still energizing. 

The slightly spicy nature of juniper contributes to its bright smell that will help you wake up in the morning and feel more alert throughout the day


Unlike other scents like gourmand scents that are reminiscent of your favorite foods, juniper is a natural fragrance. As a member of the woody family, juniper is the ideal scent for any nature-lovers that are looking to bring a bit of the outside world in. 

What Scents Pair Well With Juniper?

Now that you know all about what makes juniper such an attractive fragrance, let’s take a look at the list of scents that pair well with it. 

From citrus bergamot to musky patchouli, this section will provide you with plenty of pairing ideas to make the most of juniper in your fragrance collection.


Bergamot is not your typical citrus scent. Known as the “prince of citrus,” bergamot is undoubtedly one of the most complex citrus fragrances. 

Bergamot smells primarily like lime but also has a resinous, floral twist that makes it rich and deep. If you’ve ever had a cup of Earl Grey tea, then you’re already acquainted with the irresistible smell of bergamot. 


There are very few scents as timeless and sensual as vanilla. The most defining characteristic of vanilla is its sweet creaminess. When paired with juniper, the slight woody undertones of vanilla shine through, and its warmth perfectly balances juniper’s crisp scent. 

Fir Balsam

To imagine the smell of fir balsam, think about the smell of your favorite balsamic vinegar and fresh pine needles combined. Much like juniper, fir balsam is a fresh, energizing fragrance. That being said, it also has a warm, resinous side that takes the edge off its crispness. 


The smell of patchouli is often associated with hippies because it is so emblematic of the ambiance of the ‘60s. Similar to musk, patchouli is earthy, woody, and sweet. If you pay extra attention, you might even catch a slightly spicy twist to this fragrance. 

What Is a Fragrance To Try With Juniper?

If juniper and all the scents that pair well with it seem to be calling your name, we want to introduce you to our most popular fragrance, Sweet Ash. Elegant, clean, and absolutely irresistible, Sweet Ash is the kind of vanilla fragrance you could wear every day, and it would never get old. 

With a blend of juniper, bergamot, fir balsam, tonka, vanilla bean, white moss, and patchouli, this fragrance offers the perfect balance of woody and aromatic fragrances. Although it starts out a bit more low-key than some of our bolder fragrances, Sweet Ash will always leave you wanting to come back for more. 

As soon as you fall in love with this fragrance, you can incorporate it into your home decor with the Sweet Ash vanilla candle. Featuring the same ingredients as the scent, this candle is just as versatile as the fragrance. This candle is made from a high-end blend of soy and vegetable wax that enhances its longevity and scent throw. 

There’s no better way to get the most out of your fragrance than to use a laundry detergent to match, and thankfully, that’s now an option with the Sweet Ash Everything Wash. Bringing together most of the beloved smells in the Sweet Ash fragrance, this fragrance will give your clothes the same sweet, earthy scent that you fell in love with in the fragrance and candle. 

The Best of Juniper Berry

You’re officially a juniper berry aficionado. From the berries on the juniper tree to the Sweet Ash candle, we’ve taken a close look at where juniper essential oil comes from, what it smells like, and the Snif products you can find that make use of this refreshing, woody scent. 


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