Scents That Go With Vanilla Fragrance

From the smell of a freshly baked cookie to the first sip of your favorite latte, the scent of vanilla is downright addictive. That’s why pure vanilla perfume and essential oils are some of the most used products in perfumery and aromatherapy. 

However, for those moments when you’re craving a slightly more complex smell, it can be helpful to know what scents pair well with the timeless vanilla scent. In this article, we’ll take a close look at why vanilla is such a popular scent and what fragrances go well with it so that you can craft your perfect signature scent. 

Why Is Vanilla Such a Popular Scent?

Before we look at the scents that go well with vanilla, we have to better understand what makes this classic fragrance so popular. This section will explore the main characteristics of vanilla that keep people coming back for more. 


Our olfactory memories are some of the strongest, so it’s no surprise that many of us love vanilla because it transports us back in time. If your mom always wore vanilla perfume or you used to make sugar cookies with vanilla extract, then you likely have strong memories attached to this smell. 

Now, when you wear fragrances with vanilla, you’ll be reminded of all the sweet memories you have associated with this fragrance.

Food Associations

Another reason people tend to love vanilla is because it reminds them of their favorite foods. Regardless of what foods or drinks you love that contain vanilla, when you can’t have them, the second best option is to wear a vanilla-scented perfume. 


Vanilla has also reached timeless status in the world of fragrance oils because of its unparalleled versatility. 

You can spray a vanilla fragrance on in the morning for a sweet, cozy boost to start your day or wear it at night to add intrigue and allure to your outfit. No matter where you’re wearing your vanilla fragrance or at what time of year you’re wearing it, it’s sure to match your vibe. 


Unlike other, more bold fragrances like peppermint or sweet orange, vanilla mixes well with other scents. If you have a pure vanilla fragrance at home, you can layer it with other scents to create a unique signature scent. 

What Scents Go Well With Vanilla?

Now that we’ve broken down what makes vanilla such an alluring scent, let’s take a look at some of the fragrances you can use to layer with this sweet scent. 

In this section, we’ll see six different types of fragrances, and six Snif scents, that go well with the always-iconic scent of vanilla. 


From cherry cola to high-end luxury fragrances, the duo of cherry and vanilla is one that just can’t be beat. The complex, richness of vanilla and the sweet, fruity scent of cherry complement one another perfectly. 

These two scents form the base of our fragrance Tart Deco. In this cherry scent, you’ll find vanilla, black cherry, raspberry, rose, jasmine, mimosa, birchwood, and vetiver. The result is a juicy, sensual scent that offers a more sophisticated take on a classic, playful fragrance pairing. 


Tonka pairs effortlessly with vanilla because they are quite similar. Although you might not be able to immediately smell the difference between tonka and vanilla, if you give it another whiff, you’ll notice that tonka has an almost almond-like smell along with its creamy, vanilla-esque scent. 

Sweet Ash is a vanilla fragrance that combines tonka and vanilla bean with juniper, bergamot, fir balsam, white moss, and patchouli (which is similar to the smell of neroli). Woody, ambery, and sweet, this fragrance is one you could wear every day. 

Lowkey at first, Sweet Ash quickly becomes addictive — you just might want to wear it everywhere after you spray the first spritz. 


Ask any seasoned baker or barista, and they’ll tell you that lavender and vanilla are a match made in heaven. Lavender, one of the most iconic floral fragrances, smells light, fresh, and slightly herbaceous.

You can find lavender and vanilla blended in House of 8 as well as chocolate, sage, heliotrope, iris, and sandalwood. This chocolate vanilla fragrance feels mysterious and inviting at the same time. It’s the scent you’ll want to wear on the coldest day of winter to make any moment deliciously sweet.


Although amberwood is one of the more lesser-known woody fragrances, it's an integral ingredient in many scents. Often described as a combination of pine, leather, and balsamic, amberwood gives fragrances a warm, sensual, and sweet feeling, part of why it pairs so well with vanilla. 

You’ll find amberwoods, madagascar vanilla, ice cream, jasmine sambac, musk, and orcanox in Vanilla Vice. This vanilla ice cream fragrance offers an elevated take on one of the most beloved summer scents (we’re looking at you, soft serve). It’s sweet without being overwhelming, and will transport you back to those endless summer days. 


Musk is the scent that gives your favorite fragrances that powdery, subtly sweet edge. Similar to the smell of freshly cleaned laundry, musk is slightly floral and gives any fragrance a fresh feel. Given that it’s a more delicate fragrance, musk and vanilla blend together perfectly because you never have to worry about one overpowering the other. 

In Heal the Way, one of the newest fragrances from Snif, musk is combined with pistachio cream, davana, palo santo, amber, and vanilla absolute. Inspired by the idea of personal peace and self-love, this pistachio fragrance will help you create a moment of serenity for yourself every time you get a whiff.


Our final fragrance suggestion to pair with vanilla is another one of the most timeless scents: rose. The smell of rose is floral, fruity, and spicy. As the most famous floral scent, it’s undeniably fresh, sweet, and easy to distinguish among other fragrances.

You’ll find rose starring alongside vanilla in Burning Bridges, a smokey scent. This fragrance also features tobacco, iris, fresh spices, freesia, and oakmoss to make for a scent that’s toasted and bold. The floral elements balance out the sweet and smoky notes, and this balance makes Burning Bridges the ideal fragrance for those moments when you want to walk into a room and turn heads. 

Sweeten Things Up

When it comes time to find a new fragrance for summer, sweeten things up with vanilla. This irresistible fragrance is nostalgic, versatile, and layers well with a wide variety of other scents. From cherry to rose, your options for experimentation when it comes to vanilla are endless. 


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