7 perfume trends to be excited for in 2024

A new year can bring exciting transformations and new trends, and that includes the fragrance industry. In 2024, there are a few new scent trends you can look forward to. 

From the revival of classic scents to the introduction of innovative combinations, this is the year for fragrance exploration. Discover new "edible" fragrances and unexpected scents that make you do a double take. Here are the perfume trends we’ve got our eye on that will elevate your fragrance game in 2024.

what are some perfume trends to look out for in 2024? 

There are seven main trends on our radar this year, and the bottom line is this: don't be shy to try something new! You only know if you like something if you give it a chance… and who knows, you may just discover your new signature scent.

Here are the top perfume trends to look out for in 2024.

1. “edible” fragrances 

So-called “edible” fragrances are the ones you almost (keyword: almost) want to eat because they smell so good. We’ll make it abundantly clear that edible scents aren't actually food, they just do a great job of smelling like your favorite treats. In the perfume world, they're often known as gourmand fragrances. 

These fragrances feature scents like chocolate, honey, vanilla, praline, cherry, or marshmallow, and when done correctly, these scents are balanced out using other elements. Combining edible scents with musk or patchouli, for example, can create depth and make sure it doesn't end up smelling overly sweet. 

You might also hear about photorealistic scents — while closely related to the category of gourmand fragrances, photorealistic scents are fragrances that smell undeniably like the real thing. If you want a more wearable, creative take on your favorite foods, gourmand scents might be the way to go… but if you want to smell exactly (and we mean exactly) like the real deal, photorealistic scents will likely be perfect for you.

These tasty fragrances are, without a doubt, going to be popular in 2024. If you want to get ahead of the curve and add an edible fragrance to your collection, reach for our Slice Society or Crumb Couture.

Are you a fan of the perfect, mouth-watering slice? Slice Society is a pizza scent that features iris, basil, sandalwood, crust accord, and tomato accord so that you can bottle the feeling of that first bite. 

On the other hand, Crumb Couture is like walking into a bakery in Paris. It's a croissant fragrance made with croissant accord, wild berry jam, blackcurrant, toasted vanilla, tonka bean, and sandalwood. If you want to smell like a walking dessert, Crumb Couture has you covered. 

2. sophisticated cherry scents

Fruity scents will never go out of style, and in 2024, cherries are taking center stage. Their mouth-watering freshness is vibrant and tarte — other juicy fruits will probably be popular too, but with reimagined takes. 

Maybe you loved super fruity fragrances when you were younger… but gone are the days of dousing yourself in sickeningly sweet body sprays. In 2024, expect a new version of fruity scents that’s much more elevated and mature.

Similar to edible fragrances, when you combine fruity notes with musky and earthy notes, they take on new life. One of our most popular perfumes is Tart Deco, a 2023 Allure Best of Beauty winner. 

This elevated cherry fragrance features cherry, rose, and mimosa with a blend of birchwood, vetiver, and vanilla. It's still youthful, but this fruity scent leans more luxurious and indulgent to backdrop your new year.

3. a new take on vanilla

Vanilla is a tried and true scent that has always been popular. The true beauty of vanilla is its versatility — you can pair almost any scent with vanilla, and it will (probably) smell good. Because of this, there are many, many ways to elevate this familiar fragrance. 

One of the main reasons vanilla is such a fan favorite is because of the nostalgia it brings. From the warm vanilla body lotion you used as a pre-teen to memories of baking cookies with your mom, vanilla spans far and wide when it comes to the feelings it can conjure up. 

So, what puts it on our watchlist for 2024? The biggest difference between “old” and “new” vanilla scents is that the newer fragrances aren't sickeningly sweet — they take vanilla and melt it together with rich, complex scents to give it a deeper layer.

If you're a vanilla lover, Vanilla Vice is a sweet yet sophisticated blend of ice cream accord, madagascar vanilla, amber wood, and musk. Vanilla Vice is an ode to the old school vanillas we love, but with a warm and woody undertone.

Another one of our go-to vanilla scents is Sweet Ash, a subtly sweet and addictive scent. It features vanilla and tonka alongside juniper, fir balsam, white moss, and cedarwood for an earthy and slightly spicy aroma. This fragrance finishes off as a comforting, down-to-earth smell you won’t get out of a traditional vanilla scent. 

4. unexpected scents 

Many of the most popular fragrances use fruity, citrusy, woody, earthy, and floral scents, but we think 2024 will be all about trying something unexpected.

Snif's new fragrance, Dead Dinosaur, is an excellent example. This scent is an ode to the addictive smell of gasoline. If you’ve ever filled up your tank and thought, "I really like the smell of gas," we’re right there with you, and Dead Dinosaur makes the most of it. 

This gasoline fragrance combines gasoline accord, pink pepper, ginger, magnolia flower, orris, davana, cedarwood, Peru balsam, and amber woods. It's a unique scent that not everyone is bold enough to try — but once you do, we think you’ll be hooked. 

5. summer-themed scents 

Warmer weather often means sunnier days and brighter, fresher fragrances. You can wear these scents any time of year, though. There's no need to let the temperature dictate your scent, and you can wear these scents any time of year — but leaning into traditional associations can sometimes be a fun and playful way to use fragrance.

Summer-themed scents offer a cool crispness you won’t find in warmer, richer scents. Summer fragrances often include citrus, floral, and beachy elements. You might smell ingredients like orange blossom, neroli, lily of the valley, orchid, and peony, for example. The blend of zesty, fresh, and flowery smells can be uplifting anytime you need a boost, and it might even bring back memories of that girls trip you took or the last family vacation you went on. 

Snif offers multiple summer scents to check out this year — Strawberry Moon is a lively fragrance that gives you poolside vibes with jasmine, leather, bergamot, pink pepper, iris, saffron, vetiver, and amber woods. It still has some warmer pieces in the puzzle, but the jasmine, bright citrus, and sun-tanned leather give it life. 

Pacifico is a summer scent that brings you the West Coast beach scene in a bottle. Salted jasmine and California oak shine along with sage and rosemary for a light, sweet scent that will leave you riding a joy wave. 

6. genderless fragrance 

The truth is, there are no gender-specific rules when it comes to fragrance. Any fragrance can work for any person who wants it. 

At some point along the way, scents began to be labeled for men or women — but if you ask us, fragrances are too nuanced to be assigned to one group of people. 

Traditionally, floral fragrances fall into feminine categories, while wood and spicier notes are considered masculine. At Snif, we’re blurring the lines. Snif makes unisex fragrances meant for everyone, and many of our scents combine stereotypical “feminine” and “masculine” ingredients together. 

For example, Burning Bridges features rose, freesia, and vanilla along with tobacco, fresh spices, and oakmoss. The result is a sweet, toasted scent that's bold and addictive to anyone who smells it. 

Suganami is another fragrance that knows no gender. It blends woody iris with incense, myrrh, and amber and finishes with cypress and bright spices like angelica seed and pink pepper. The scent reads creamy and smooth, with a powdery after-effect. It strikes the perfect balance between softness and strength. 

7. clean ingredients 

The best perfumes are made with high-quality ingredients. Snif's fragrances are formulated using industry clean standards and don't include parabens, preservatives, phthalates, or synthetic dyes. 

Our fine fragrances are also vegan and cruelty-free. A vegan product means it's not made with any animal or animal by-product. You won't find ingredients like gelatine, collagen, or honey in the ingredient list. 

Cruelty-free products are made without animal testing. Snif products are never tested on animals at any stage in the process, and that's the best trend we think you can follow in 2024. 

8. fragrances for wellness

It’s no secret that fragrances can help improve your overall wellness. From helping you relax and unwind after a long day to giving you a boost of energy in the morning, each scent has different mental benefits. Knowing a little bit about these benefits can help you customize your fragrance to your mood. 

One Snif specifically designed to help you create small moments of personal peace is Heal the Way. This pistachio fragrance combines pistachio, davana, vanilla, palo santo, vanilla absolute, musk, and amber. The result is a fragrance that’s subtle and light enough to wear every day, and warm enough to be a constant reminder of self-love. 

new year, new signature scent 

Take yourself on a scent adventure this year — from new combinations to fresh takes on timeless classics, we can’t wait to see what 2024 brings to the world of fragrance. It’s the perfect time to find your new signature scent, and Snif makes it easy with luxurious, genderless fragrances. 


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