Sweet and Delicious Smells You Have To Try

If you have a sweet tooth that just won’t quit, there are several sweet and delicious smells you definitely need to try. 

In this article, we’ll look into the science behind the popularity of sweet scents, the ingredients that are usually found in these fragrances, and five of our delicious, sweet Snif scents that your nose will love. 

Why Are Sweet Scents So Popular?

Sweet scents are popular for many reasons, but the two big ones are that they’re incredibly nostalgic, and that they contain gourmand elements. In this section, we’ll dive into the role of memory in making scents well-loved, and how your sweet tooth affects your scent preferences. 


Out of all of our senses, our sense of smell is what helps us create the strongest memories. This is because there’s a special relationship between the hippocampus (aka the part of your brain responsible for memories) and olfactory areas (aka the part of your brain that processes scents). This is relevant to sweet scents because we often have strong childhood memories associated with sweet smells.

Think of what you associate with your home smell, for example. For most people, some part of this smell is related to a sweet scent, whether it’s the baked bread and apple jam that your dad would make on Sundays, or the brown sugar hazelnut latte your mom had every day before work. When we smell something sweet as adults, it often transports us back to these childhood moments, and that’s why we love it.

Gourmand Elements

Another reason sweet scents are so popular is because they contain gourmand elements or, simply put, food smells. Food smells can sometimes be more savory, like the smell of olive oil, but they’re usually sweet smells, such as chocolate, vanilla, coffee, rum, and caramel. 

What Scents Do Sweet Fragrances Incorporate?

Now that we’ve looked at what makes sweet scents so popular, let’s dive into the fragrances that these scents usually incorporate. 


Vanilla is one of the most iconic sweet fragrances and beloved scents overall, you’ll almost always find it in sweet scents. 


Earthy, sweet, and slightly spicy, amber is another common ingredient found in sweet fragrances. Amber is made from the resin of pine trees, and it has a complex, rich fragrance. 


Another scent that’s frequently featured in sweet fragrances is sandalwood. This scent is, of course, woody — but it’s also warm and leathery, making it an ideal scent to pair with something purely sweet. 

What Are Some Sweet Scents To Try?

We’re bringing you a list of five sweet scents you have to try. From the surprisingly sweet complexity of Vanilla Vice to the juicy feeling of Tart Deco, there’s something for everyone. 

Vanilla Vice

Vanilla Vice offers a bold take on a vanilla fragrance, arguably one of the most classic fragrances out there. 

In a bottle of Vanilla Vice, you’ll find the smell of ice cream, Madagascar vanilla, jasmine sambac, amberwood, musk, and orcanox. The ice cream and Madagascar vanilla give this scent an undeniably sweet smell, but it doesn’t stop there. Amberwood, musk, and orcanox add an earthy, rich layer, and jasmine tops it off with a little burst of florals. 

The result is a fragrance that’s both playful and dark — it will transport you to your favorite childhood ice cream store, but it’s also luxurious enough that it won’t make you feel out of place at a black-tie event. 

Sweet Ash

For a sweet scent that you can wear anywhere at any time, look no further than Sweet Ash. This sweet fragrance combines juniper, bergamot, fir balsam, tonka, white moss, patchouli, and vanilla bean. The vanilla and tonka bean give this fragrance its sweetness, while the juniper, balsam, and patchouli offer a musky, earthy base. 

To balance everything out, bergamot, the citrus that gives the English tea Earl Grey its iconic flavor, adds a bright, citrusy twist. In no time, you’ll get hooked on the addictive, sensual smell of Sweet Ash, and so will everyone around you.

House of 8

When you think of fragrances you love and want to wear, chocolate might check the first box… and not the second. 

That being said, House of 8 is a chocolate fragrance that will change your mind with just one spritz. This fragrance features chocolate, sage, heliotrope, vanilla, iris, lavender flower, and sandalwood. 

The chocolate in House of 8 gives it a rich, dark feel that makes it a fragrance that’s equal parts mysterious and sensual. To balance out the richness of the chocolate, heliotrope, iris, and lavender give it a fresh, floral layer. 

Last but certainly not least, the sage, vanilla, and sandalwood combine to create a woody, herbaceous feel that makes House of 8 smell so deliciously luxurious.

Crumb Couture

If you’re a lover of chocolate chip cookies, cupcakes, cinnamon buns, and all things baked, then Crumb Couture is for you. Inspired by the scent of golden pastry and the most decadent French bakery, this croissant fragrance combines croissant accord, wild berry jam, blackcurrant, toasted vanilla, tonka bean, and sandalwood. 

Needless to say, it’s buttery, fruity, sweet, sophisticated, and delicious. 

Thanks to the sandalwood, the sweet, rich flavors of the croissant, vanilla, and tonka are nicely balanced. The fruity scents of jam and blackcurrant make this fragrance a full, olfactory experience. One whiff will take you back to your first kitchen and the excitement of picking your favorite something sweet off its tray, hot out of the oven. 

Tart Deco

Often, when you’re looking for a fruiter fragrance, there’s the feeling that you have to sacrifice sophistication. 

With Tart Deco, no such sacrifice is required. This juicy cherry fragrance features black cherry, raspberry, rose, jasmine, mimosa, birchwood, vetiver, and vanilla. Equal parts playful and indulgent, Tart Deco is the scent you put on when you’re craving something fresh, sensual, and rich.

The Sweeter Things in Life

Embrace the sweeter things in life with these five fragrances from Snif. Unlock your strongest memories and bask in the richness of vanilla, amber, and sandalwood when you make a sweet scent your signature scent. 


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