The Best Gourmand Scents To Indulge Your Senses

Fragrances have a unique ability to transport you to another place and time, all through the power of scent. From fruity to floral to earth, there are endless types of scents — and among the many fragrance families, gourmand scents truly stand out as their own category.

Gourmand fragrances are basically like a snack for your nose, filled with sweet, edible elements that can instantly uplift your mood. Even if you don't have a huge sweet tooth, we still think you might fall in love with a gourmand fragrance. Let’s talk about what a gourmand fragrance really is, and which ones to reach for the most indulgent experience. 

what makes a fragrance gourmand? 

In France, a “gourmand” refers to a person who loves food and enjoys any chance to indulge — it comes as no surprise, then, that gourmand fragrances are scents inspired by delicious foods. The best gourmand perfumes play into desserts and can take you on a real sensory journey. 

Let's take a closer look at the key elements that help define gourmand fragrances:


The smell of gourmand perfumes will almost always read sweet. They wrap you in a warm, sugary embrace and might use hints of marshmallow, praline, and chocolate. With many gourmand fragrances, you'll feel like you're in a confectionery wonderland without being too overwhelmed. 

"edible" elements

The magic of gourmand fragrances lies in their ability to mimic the smell of many of our favorite foods. Whether it's the rich aroma of chocolate, the comforting embrace of vanilla, or the tangy sweetness of black cherry, gourmand fragrances pull you into a whole range of mouth-watering treats and desserts. 

can you wear gourmand fragrances all year?

At Snif, we believe that the best scent for a season is whichever scent you’re the most excited about! You don't have to adhere to any perceived rules or put limitations on scents you can wear during a certain time of year.

However, if you love a classic pairing, there are definitely certain scents that are traditionally associated with certain seasons. And if you like to switch things up as the weather changes, we have a few tips to help you incorporate gourmand fragrances all year-round. 

fall and winter 

Deep, rich gourmand fragrances are generally ideal for the fall and winter months. These scents can have cozy-sweet vibes or spicey smokey elements that are perfect for the cooler, crisper times of year — think patchouli, bergamot, and cardamom scents.

spring and summer

As the weather starts to warm up and the sun comes out, incorporating brighter gourmand fragrances, like cherry scents, can be a fun change. You can also look for scents incorporating light, sweet elements like honey, cotton candy, pistachio, or vanilla. These types of scents can bring back memories of an ice cream shop on a hot summer night. 

a note on fragrance layering

Another great way to wear gourmand fragrances all year is to layer your scents. The art of layering is applying different (but complementary) fragrances, and this process is a great way to craft a perfectly personal signature scent. After all, who doesn't want their own customized fragrance? 

The first thing to keep in mind is to choose a base scent that works as a good foundation for the other scents you plan to add. Vanilla scents, for example, can make an excellent first layer. Next, pick another scent you want to add, like almond or sandalwood, and add a spritz or two. 

Keep in mind that fragrances evolve over time, so you’ll want to let your scents dry down one at a time. The initial hints you smell will change a bit as the fragrance dries, revealing the true character of your customized scent. 

Don’t be shy when it comes to layering — play with scents you haven't tried before! Some gourmand scents can be intense, so it’s helpful to start with only a little at a time. The goal is to find a balanced blend between your different scents.

what are some of the best gourmand scents? 

We may be biased, but we like to think we’ve perfected the art of mouthwatering fragrances — and the best part about our fragrances is that they’re subtle, but still have the presence of your favorite sweet scents. Our scents won't leave you with an overpowering, sickeningly sweet smell, but they will leave you captivated. 


Snif's Crumb Couture is an ode to the scent of golden pastries. This scent will transport you to a cozy French bakery with hints of croissant accord, wild berry jam, and blackcurrant blended with toasted vanilla, tonka bean, and sandalwood to balance it out. 


Attention to all chocolate lovers: House of 8 is a chocolate-inspired fragrance that combines dark and light elements to create an irresistible symphony of chocolate, vanilla, and sandalwood balanced by sage and iris. 

Your scent and memory are woven together in your brain — this is why the smell of familiar foods can bring back certain memories. Chocolate is generally one of those scents that reminds us of happy memories, like baking a cake or making sweet treats with your loved ones, and chocolate fragrances can be a great way to carry that joy with you. 


Infuse your life with a sophisticated cherry scent that muddles top notes of cherry, rose, and mimosa with a blend of birchwood, vetiver, and vanilla. Tart Deco has playful vibes that will remind you of simpler times — it’s a fragrance that feels luxurious and indulgent, giving you that gourmand experience without being too heavy. 


If you’re a vanilla lover, Snif's Vanilla Vice is an ice cream-inspired scent featuring Madagascar vanilla, amberwood, musk, and orcanox. We’ve topped it off with a sprinkle of jasmine, and the result is a complex, rich take on vanilla that will leave you wanting more.

tonka bean

To get the best of tonka bean, reach for Sweet Ash, a low-key sweet and earthy scent. If you're unfamiliar with the tonka bean, it's a black seed that comes from the cumaru tree native to South Africa, and it has an incredible flavor and scent. 

Our Sweet Ash fragrance is made from a silky blend of moss, woods, and fir balsam balanced with tonka and black vanilla bean — just one spritz, and you'll want to bring it with you wherever you go. 


Once you’ve landed on the perfect signature scent for your body, it's time to infuse your space with a gourmand scent, too — and our Half Baked Pumpkin Smash candle is the perfect choice for your home. 

Snif worked closely with food blogger, recipe developer, and stylist Tieghan Gerard to create this pumpkin candle. Together, we crafted the coziest fall burn with pumpkin spice, cinnamon stick, brûléed orange, salted maple, roasted chocolate, and a dash of whiskey. This candle offers the ideal blend of sweet and spicy. Whether you're having a party at your home or a cozy night in, the scent is warm and inviting. 


Pistachio is a versatile scent that can make fragrance enthusiasts from all walks of life fall in love — combine it with vanilla and musk, and it leans into a rich, sweet luxury. Pair it with powdery florals, and it becomes a light and airy scent. Mix it with cardamom and pink pepper, and it becomes a savory, unique fragrance. 

Whether you’re a lover of sweet gourmand notes or tend to gravitate toward scents that are more subtly delicious, pistachio scents can match any mood. 

scents so good you can taste them 

Gourmand fragrances are more than just scents — they're an experience that can help you remember cherished moments and evoke a sense of nostalgia. The next time you're in search of a fragrance that truly indulges your senses, consider Snif's collection of gourmand fragrances with a subtle twist.


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