How To Store Candles & Make Them Last

If you’re anything like us, you have a collection of candles you’re waiting for just the right moment to light. But the question is, how can you make the most of your Snif?

When it comes to keeping your candles in good shape, it can be hard to know where to start. So we’re here to share all of our candle storing tips and tricks to make them last. 

How Should You Store Candles? 5 Tips

Here are our five best tips for storing candles to keep them burning for as long as possible.

Pick a Cool, Dry Place

When it comes to storing candles, your main objective is to stop them from melting at the wrong time. You want your candles to melt on your terms instead of while they’re in storage.

Moisture, light, and heat are all things that can melt down a candle unintentionally. Our first pro tip is to store your candles in places that are cool, dry, and dark. 

This will prevent the damage that melting can cause for both jarred and un-jarred candles. As a result, you’ll get a more even and long-lasting burn.

Keep Candles Out of Direct Sunlight

While we’re waiting for candle parasols to be made (Hello, Sharks…), it’s best if you keep your candle out of direct sunlight. Not only will the heat from the sun melt your candle before you can actually enjoy its scent, but it can also fade your candle’s colors. 

The best way to stop that from happening is to strategically place your candles throughout your house or apartment.

If you want your candles to be in top shape, both functionally and aesthetically, do yourself a favor and keep them off of window sills and other bright areas of your space. 

There are countless safe places to burn candles that won’t expose them to too much direct sunlight. Who doesn’t love a cozy coffee table or bedside burn?

Never Freeze Your Candles

You can’t believe everything you read on the internet, and there are plenty of myths out there about how to make candles last. There’s an old wives' (and even some young husbands’) tale that freezing your candles is a good way to keep them fresh when you aren’t using them — science does not agree.

Freezing a candle can cause the candle wax to crack and fragment, and no one likes a chapped candle! 

More importantly, if you burn a candle too soon after taking it out of the freezer, the burn will not be even. The outside of the candle will warm up quicker than the core and melt faster while burning. 

This can cause problems both aesthetically and functionally: It makes your candles look misshapen while limiting their total burn time.

Bring Out the Plastic Storage Bins 

Now that you know “No, No’s” of candle storage, let’s take a look at some “oh yeah’s!” to make them last as long as possible.

Grab those plastic storage bins you keep for holiday decorations and empty one out. These bins are ideal for candle storage because they block heat and direct sunlight.

Put your extra candles in one of these bins, and tuck them away in a closet or spare room until you’re ready to use them. That way, they’ll be in good shape when you’re ready to light them.

Style With Snif & Display for Decor

It might feel like a waste to put your favorite candles away in a corner. Thankfully, we have an alternative option.

Mix up your aesthetic with a candle or two in a new place and keep their quality intact. 

While it can be tempting to add a candle to your bathroom set up to make it more relaxing, maybe try a cooler, dryer spot like in a bookcase, on a nightstand, or as a centerpiece. 

Candles add a calm and cool touch to any space, even if you aren’t burning them yet.

How Should You Burn Candles?

Your candles should give you dozens of hours of steady burn time (or 50 to be exact for our 8.5 oz candles). You can make sure they meet their full potential by burning them correctly. Here are some tips to keep in mind when using your candles.

Trim the Wicks

Trim your wick for an easy candle care trick!

First, it helps control the height of your candle’s flame, which is good for you and for your candle. An out-of-control flame can lead to soot and accidental burns. 

Second, a nicely trimmed wick will allow your candle to burn evenly. This will avoid any tunnels or divots in your candle, which means you get a candle that’ll burn evenly for as long as possible.

Let Your Candles Burn Longer

Just like trimming your wick, letting your candles burn is a common piece of advice for a reason: It lets the melted wax form a complete pool in the jar. 

This completely melted pool helps distribute an even burn throughout the candle.

Burn Candles Away From Air

This one is pretty simple: Not only can drafts, vents, and other forceful air in your space cause your candle to burn unevenly, but it can also be dangerous.

Drafts can cause your flame to heighten and blow small particles into the candle, causing a fire risk. Play it safe by lighting candles far away from air vents, fans, and open windows.

Straighten the Wicks

Keeping a crooked wick is going to lead to more soot, more uneven burns, and more dripping. Overall, your candle just won’t last as long with a crooked wick. If your candle has multiple wicks, straightening them before lighting can be especially helpful.

Water and Candles Don’t Mix

Putting out your candles with water isn’t a great idea. Some might even say it’s a recipe for disaster since candle flames are stronger than you think.

Using water to put out a candle can cause the flame to spread and potentially splash onto you. It’s easier to put them out with a little air or a candle snuffer. Plus, this way your candle doesn’t get all wet.

Looking for a New Favorite Candle?

Now, you’re prepared to be the best candle owner ever. Reward yourself for your hard work with a few new candles — you deserve it. 

At Snif, we’ve created a collection of inviting and unique scents that not only smell amazing but are also vegan, safe, and non-toxic. 

Check out our collection today, and find a new favorite candle to burn.



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