7 Gender-Neutral Fragrances Everyone Can Enjoy

The heavily-gendered fragrance industry is slowly but surely becoming a thing of the past, and it’s about time.

At Snif, we believe that fragrance is for all. That’s why we don’t use words like perfume or cologne to describe our scents — it’s time to get rid of gendered fragrances and trust your own damn nose. 

Snif doesn’t rely on the fragrance world’s gender labels to create dynamic, vibrant, and delicious scents. Instead, our fragrances let you decide what scent is right for you.

In reality, fragrances have no gender. Your scent is a personal choice, and you should wear what makes you feel good. If you ask us, it really is that simple, or at least it should be. 

Fragrance Beyond Gender

We’re in a fragrance revolution. While gender-neutral fragrances aren’t the new norm for the industry quite yet, that time is coming… and it’s approaching fast. The world is starting to embrace and celebrate the concept of gender-neutral scents, and we’ve seen this in the love and support we get for our unisex fragrances.

We experiment with a wide range of scents when creating our gender-neutral fragrances. Let’s take a look at some of the best fragrances for all we have to offer.

Our 7 Favorite Gender-Neutral Fragrances

So, now that we’ve said sayonara (and good riddance) to gender norms, let's get into our seven favorite gender-neutral Snif scents. 

1. Natural Talent

Natural Talent is the life of the party; it’s a juicy and leathery scent where apricot, clementine, and iris meet suede and cashmere wood for a velvety, smooth finish. 

This vegan and cruelty-free scent defies gender norms with an herbaceous but warm combination of unique ingredients. It’s charisma in a bottle.

2. Show Pony

This scent is warm and mysterious, and formulated for long-lasting wear without being overwhelming. 

Show Pony features smooth sandalwood, black tea, bergamot, pepper, and golden plum for a show-stopping element of charm. It’s perfect for sipping bourbon at the bar in sophisticated bliss or being the hot, unknown stranger at a party.

3. Sweet Ash

This sweet fragrance is our most popular fine fragrance, and for good reason. It blends sweet and earthy vibes, and you’ll want to take Sweet Ash everywhere you go.

This fragrance is made with a comfortable blend of moss, woods, and balsam firs alongside Tonka and vanilla. Invitingly addictive, make sure you can get your Sweet Ash fix at a moment’s notice.

4. Honorable Mention

Next up is our Honorable Mentionfragrance. This woody floral fragrance is a fresh take on classic scents — and it blows away the competition.

With bursts of peach, spiced black walnut, lily of the valley, cypress, and orange blossom, this fragrance creates a blend that brings you the best of both worlds. Don’t be surprised if you turn some heads. Or all of them.

5. Way With Woods

Way With Woods does all the talking for you with its light, subtle, and woody scent. White tea, mandarin, sandalwood, and musk make this a fan-favorite scent that’s sure to carry you through any day or night.

It’s easy to wear for an all-around effortless appeal.

6. Ex On The Beach

Ex On The Beach transports you to a place where polka dot bikinis and bottomless daiquiris reign. It’s floral and woody, blending scents of fig, ylang-ylang, orange blossom, jasmine, and peony with a smooth, warm cedarwood finish. 

This gender-neutral scent will keep your friends close and your exes closer. The floral and wood-scented ingredients pair seamlessly to make this a norm-defying scent for anyone with a big personality — everyone will want to know what you’re wearing.

7. Strawberry Moon

Strawberry Moon is a special-edition fragrance that bottles up an idyllic Saturday afternoon spent by the pool at an iconic South Beach swim club. 

This bright and warm fragrance features a vibrant combination of jasmine, leather, iris, and saffron made to last from sunrise to well after the sun has set. If you can’t be in Miami, Strawberry Moon brings Miami to you.

How To Wear Your Favorite Gender-Neutral Fragrance

Whether you’re wearing your favorite fragrances to work or a night out, here are some tips to make sure they last until the office (or club) shuts down. 

Know When To Spritz

While you might be tempted to spray on a little more of your gender-neutral scent every few hours, moderation is key. A little bit of fragrance goes a long way, and our Snif fragrances are designed to have long-lasting power. 

Spray From a Distance

When you apply your favorite fragrance, try to hold the bottle five to seven inches away from your skin. That way, you’ll spread the fragrance more evenly across the surface of your skin.

Take a Shower First

When you can, we recommend applying your favorite gender-neutral scent to clean, dry skin — right after a shower and moisturizer is perfect. 

Getting rid of the day’s dirt and grime in the shower can help your scent last longer, and smell the way it was intended to smell. If you have a whole day’s worth of lotion, sunscreen, and oil on your skin, you risk these products interfering with your fragrance and dulling its shining moment. 

Your New Favorite Fragrance Is Calling.

Anyone and everyone are bound to find a scent that fits their vibe here at Snif. If you aren’t in love with the ones on this list, don’t worry, we’ve got more.

We’re dedicated to creating accessible and affordable scents for everyone. That’s why we set a higher industry standard by using only premium formulas and clean, vegan, and cruelty-free ingredients. 

These fragrances are made for anyone who wants them. Find your new favorite today.


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