6 Fresh Scents To Add to Your Fragrance Collection

When it comes to fragrances, there’s almost nothing as invigorating as a fresh scent. You might think of Paris on a cool spring morning, a freshly mowed lawn, or a load of laundry as it’s being taken out of the dryer when you hear the word fresh. 

Regardless of your own personal fragrance associations, there’s no denying that with spring around the corner, fresh scents are going to be especially sought after. That being said, this guide will introduce you to six scents that will freshen up your fragrance collection.

What Makes a Scent Fresh?

Before we dive into six fresh scents to try this year, let’s talk about what makes a scent smell and feel fresh in the first place. 

Although everyone will have a different precise definition of a fresh smell, there are a few fragrance components that are universally beloved for their light freshness. In this section, we’ll break down the three essential elements needed to make a scent smell fresh.

Citrus Undertones

Citrus scents, beloved for their zestiness, are often found in fresh fragrances. There are a few reasons we may associate citrus smells with freshness. Most obviously, their tart, bright scents are refreshing and invigorating. Citrus trees also tend to blossom in the spring, so we may associate their smell with the season of new growth. 

Although citrus scents add a fresh flair to many fragrances, they don’t have to be the stars of the show, and are often used as undertones. You might catch a slight whiff of fragrance undertones when you first smell the fragrance, but they take more of a behind-the-scenes role. 

Even if they don’t usually jump out at you, citrus undertones can help freshen up richer, heavier overtones. 

There are several citrus scents used in fragrance-making. The most include bergamot, lemon, lime, orange, pomelo, grapefruit, and petitgrain. When you see any of those listed as an ingredient in a fragrance, expect something fresh. 

Earthy Elements

Another classic component of fresh scents is earthy elements. Think of a forest after a rainstorm or the smell you get from the moss at the base of a waterfall. Any subtle aroma that’s found in the natural world and is somehow plant-related is considered earthy. When these scents are added to fragrances they lend an undeniably fresh air to them. 

Some of the most common earthy elements to look for in scents are woody fragrances like sandalwood, cedarwood, and pine. Along with woody scents, the smell of different grasses, moss, herbs, flowers such as lily of the valley, and plants like eucalyptus are also considered earthy. 

Soothing Aromas

While fresh scents are crisp and bright, they tend not to be overwhelming. For this reason, another characteristic of fresh scents is their soothing aromas. While some scents may smell luxurious or mysterious, fresh scents tend to be calming and grounding.

Scents like lavender, ylang-ylang, and peppermint are soothing aromas that are often found in fresh fragrances. Usually, these ingredients are more subtle and blend well with other scents without overpowering them. There’s often a lot of overlap between earthy smells and soothing smells because, for so many people, being in nature is a relaxing, tranquil experience.

What Are Some Fresh Scents to Add to Your Collection?

Now that you know all of the elements that come together to make a fresh scent, it’s time to dive into six fresh scents to add to your collection. 

With subtle, earthy scents and bold, citrusy fragrances, this list has something for everyone — and we’ve even included a signature laundry detergent to help your clothes smell as fresh as you do. 

1. Sweet Ash

Sweet Ash is a classic fresh but sweet scent that is subtle and addictive. The sweetness of vanilla and tonka is balanced by the freshness of juniper and fir balsam. A citrusy burst of bergamot rounds out this scent and makes it a little bit playful. If you’re looking for a scent that is earthy, musky, low-key, and delicious, look no further than Sweet Ash. 

2. Suganami

For those looking for something a little creamier, Suganami fragrance is the fresh scent for you. This woody, powdery fragrance features angelica seeds, coriander, iris, rose, cypress, myrrh, amber, cedarwood, and musk. 

The Angelica seeds give the scent a bright, peppery flair that is balanced by the earthy warmth of myrrh. The versatility of Suganami makes it the perfect candidate for a long-lasting fragrance that can transition with you from day to night.

3. Way With Woods

As one of our best-selling fragrances, Way With Woods will transport you to a natural getaway no matter where you are. A fresh, woodsy scent that’s delightfully crisp, this fragrance is always inviting and never overpowering. 

The smokiness and depth of sandalwood, amber woods, and vetiver are balanced by white tea, mandarin, and musk. This best seller is not one to miss for those looking for an irresistible new signature scent. 

4. Citrus Circus

If you’re looking to lean into the zestier side of fresh scents, Citrus Cirus is for you. Combining creamsicle, grapefruit, lime zest, sparkling water, neroli, violet, cedar, and white amber, this citrus fragrance is reminiscent of your first whiff of seaspray at the beach and the ice cream you pick up on the boardwalk. 

The tanginess of grapefruit and lime zest is complimented by the sweetness of creamsicle and the woodiness of cedar and white amber. Violet, neroli, and sparkling water only add to the fresh vibe of this fragrance, making it an instant summer classic. 

5. Golden Ticket

Golden Ticket is a must-buy for all tea lovers. With golden maté, black tea, green tea, and bergamot (the regal citrus that gives Earl Grey tea its delicious, distinct flavor), this tea-inspired scent knows what it takes to balance warmth and freshness. 

Along with the different tea smells, this fragrance features sage, galbanum, incense, amber, and vetiver. The combination is something equal parts mysterious and playful. 

6. Rain Check

Our Rain Check Everything Wash detergent is the best way to bring your love of smelling fresh to your laundry. Clean and crisp is the name of the game with this detergent. 

Where citrusy bergamot and geranium meet moss, orcanox, pink pepper, and vetiver, this scent is one to be remembered. When paired with one of the fragrances on this list, you’ll leave home smelling as fresh as a bright spring day. 

Freshen Up

Regardless of what fresh scent you choose to incorporate into your fragrance collection, allow the vibrance of these scents to add a little sparkle to your life this spring. When searching for a fresh scent to call your own, don’t forget to look out for citrus undertones, earthy elements, and soothing aromas. 

If you find a fragrance that doesn’t overwhelm and helps you feel more alert and awake, you’re on the right track. At Snif, we have a carefully crafted selection of fresh scents to help you start every day with a spritz of spring and give yourself a much-needed breath of fresh air. 


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