Citrus Smell: Why Everyone Loves It

We're peeling back the layers of the citrusy scents that fill the fragrance world. Citrus fruits not only smell fantastic, but they can give you a mood boost.

Imagine the burst of biting into a juicy orange — it’s refreshing, zesty, and invigorating. Citrus scents capture that essence perfectly, and guess what? Snif is here with some of the best citrus perfumes to add to your collection. We're about to dive into the bright world of citrus scents and what makes them so alluring. 

Why Wear Citrus Scents?

There are many, many reasons to love and wear citrus scents — here are a few of our favorites. 


There's really nothing better than a glass of lemonade on a hot summer day, and citrus scents can offer the same refreshing relief that puts a little pep in your step. 


Maybe you’re feeling a bit blah. Everyone's been there, and while citrus scents may not turn you into the energizer bunny, they can give you a much-needed boost. Citrus scents might be just what you need to lift your spirits on a gloomy day, and this is likely due to their ability to stimulate the release of endorphins, aka feel-good chemicals in the body. In other words, citrus really can put a little pep in your step… from the inside out. 

Light and Bright 

Citrus fragrances are the equivalent of stepping into a bright ray of summer sunshine. They're light, sunny, and uplifting, creating positive vibes wherever you go — so it’s no wonder they're the secret weapon in many mood-lifting scents. 


The love for citrus scents isn't just a passing trend. They truly stand the test of time. People have been wearing citrus scents for centuries, because they're classics that stay in style.

What Seasons Are Citrus Scents Best For?

Citrus scents tend to be most popular in the summer and springtime — after all, we tend to describe them as “sunny.” Plus, citrus fruits grow primarily in bright, warm climates, which is another reason for this traditional seasonal association. That said though, this doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to wear citrusy scents in the fall or winter! You can definitely liven up those cooler months with a spritz or two of your favorite citrus fragrance.

Wearing citrus scents when you're feeling those pesky winter blues can be especially helpful — aromatherapy commonly relies on citrus essential oils to help relieve feelings of stress, tension, and anxiety. The scents of lemongrass, citron, yuzu, sweet oranges, and grapefruits can all help promote relaxation and take the edge off. 

When it comes down to it, the scents you wear with the seasons should be based on your personal preference, and Snif believes the fragrances you love can be worn all year long. 

What Scents Pair Well With Citrus? 

Pairing scents is basically an art form, but it's an easy one when you’re using citrus fragrances. There are many, many scents that pair amazingly with citrus. From deep, rich scents to floral, woody fragrances and more, let's go over a few scents that play well with citrus. 


Cedarwood has an undertone of citrus along with its woody fragrance. It can anchor citrus notes like grapefruit, tangerine, and blood orange. It rounds out the citrus scent and is the perfect addition. 


The sweet, rich scent of jasmine is a great floral scent to mix with citrus — jasmine is another scent that can lift your spirits, so pairing it with citrus fragrances can help you make the most of the good energy. One study even found that jasmine oil helped participants feel more relaxed, meaning it could be a great way to unwind and welcome some chill vibes. 


If you’re not familiar with vetiver by name, you might know it by its smell — you’ll often find it in cologne ingredient lists. This scent has earthy, woody, masculine vibes, making it a versatile fragrance that blends well with lemon and other citrusy scents. 


Vanilla is one of those scents that pairs well with anything. Sandalwood? Of course. Lavender? All day. Chocolate? Absolutely. Citrus is no exception. Even though the two notes might seem like opposites, they blend to create something special. 

What Are Some Citrus Scents To Try? 

If you're on the lookout for incredible citrus scents, you're in the right place. Snif has timeless citrus fragrances that are formulated using industry-clean standards and incredible lasting power… all without being too overwhelming. If you’re ready to find your new fave, here are some of our citrusy go-tos. 

1. Citrus Circus

This bright citrus scent features creamsicle, tangy grapefruit, zesty lime, and refreshing sparkling water complete with hints of neroli, violet, cedar, and white amber. Every spritz is a one-way ticket to positive vibes.

2. Natural Talent 

For floral and fruity lovers, Natural Talent is a fragrant showstopper. This rich, smooth scent highlights the sweetness of apricot, the allure of jasmine, and the softness of suede, all wrapped up with osmanthus flower and clementine. Plus, a touch of sandalwood and cistus gives you a scent that's floral, leathery, and peachy perfection. 

3. Ace Ace Baby 

Ace Ace Baby is a confident scent that’s here to spice up your scent game. This fragrance features a zing of lemonade accord, ginger, and timur pepper alongside white freesia, green apple blossom, and a touch of lavender for a grounded but spicy and bright experience. 

4. Honorable Mention 

Last but certainly not least on our list is Honorable Mention. This fresh, woody fragrance features the juicy sweetness of peach and the spiciness of timur pepper. Jasmine tea, lily of the valley, and orange blossom give it a floral, citrusy punch, while cypress adds the perfect touch of green freshness and vetiver brings depth and earthiness. It's a harmonious blend we know you’ll be obsessed with! 

Citrus Bliss 

Trying scents in the citrus fragrance family may be just what you need, and Snif’s collection of long-lasting citrus fragrances is here to brighten up your life. Whether you’re a fan of earthy scents or bright florals, citrus scents pair well with pretty much anything, if you ask us — and if you’re looking for your new go-to, the world of citrus scents is waiting. 


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