10 Sweet Scents You Could (Almost) Eat Up

There's something instantly captivating about a sweet scent — whether it's the smell of freshly baked cookies or a warm vanilla latte, sweet scents really never disappoint. 

What if we told you you can indulge your senses with more than just a sweet treat? 

That’s right. With Snif, you can enjoy delicious fragrances that you could (almost) eat. Read on to discover fragrances you can wear, and others that will instantly fill your space with sugary goodness. 

Why Do We Love Sweet Scents? 

Your sweet tooth isn't the only reason you can't seem to resist a sweet temptation. We did some digging and unearthed the science behind your draw to delectable fragrances. 


Certain smells can trigger nostalgia from your memories — these can be past scent-related experiences from your childhood, or more recent memories. You associate odors with a specific time in your life because your brain sorts scents in the same area that holds your long-term memories, known as the amygdala

The scent of cupcakes or cotton candy, for example, may remind you of your school bake sale or a local carnival, or the smell of apple pie and peppermint may bring you to past Christmas celebrations. 

Sweet scents might even be able to actually increase pain tolerance — one study found that participants who inhaled sweet odors during a cold-pressor test experienced an increased pain tolerance compared to those smelling pleasant and unpleasant odors without much sweetness. In other words, sweet scents might be able to benefit you beyond the sheer fact that they smell incredible.

Great for Layering 

One of the best things about sweet scents is that you can layer them with just about anything to create a fun new scent experience. Scents like vanilla bean or brown sugar pair with fragrances ranging from musk-based to fruity or even floral scents, adding the perfect touch of sweetness that draws everyone in. 

Try applying a vanilla fragrance underneath your favorite scent. It will add depth and sweetness and help your signature fragrance linger on your skin for longer. 

Versatile and Seasonal 

Whatever the weather or occasion, there's a sweet smell to match your mood. Switching things up with the change in the seasons can be fun — spicy, rich scents can help you welcome all the warm and cozy vibes in the fall and winter, for example. 

April showers bring May flowers, and floral-sweet scents can give you a little springtime boost as you embrace the warmer weather. 

What Are the Best Sweet Scents To Try?

We love a sweet fragrance here at Snif, and our fragrances aren’t going to give you those sickly sweet vibes — these best sellers have the perfect blend of ingredients for a subtly sweet and balanced experience. 

Vanilla Vice

Vanilla Vice is the perfect vanilla scent if you have a soft spot for soft serve. Blending together ice cream, madagascar vanilla, jasmine, amber, and musk, it is a big vanilla scent with a complex, woody side. 

Tart Deco

If you love playful, juicy notes, don't pass up on Tart Deco. This cherry scent muddles cherry, rose, and mimosa with a blend of birchwood, vetiver, and vanilla for an indulgent and sophisticated fragrance. 

House of 8

Chocolate may be your go-to when you think about sweet scents (and we don’t blame you). It has an indulgent, gourmand appeal that layers well with other scents for added depth. 

House of 8 is a chocolate lover's dream. This chocolate-inspired scent is a rich, irresistible choice that combines chocolate, vanilla, and sandalwood balanced with sage and iris. 

Sweet Ash

There's something about Sweet Ash that you won't be able to quit — this sweet scent will instantly be one of your new faves. You'll pick up on the low-key sweet elements at first, but you'll also notice more woody notes as the fragrance lingers. Vanilla and tonka mix with bergamot, juniper, fir balsam, white moss, and cedarwood for the perfect finish.

Crumb Couture

When you can't make it to a French bakery, reach for Crumb Couture. This croissant scent captures everything you love about a golden pastry. It combines ingredients like croissant accord, wild berry jam, blackcurrant, toasted vanilla, and tonka bean for an irresistible smell. 

Citrus Circus

Get an energizing boost with Citrus Circus, a bright scent that features creamsicle accord, grapefruit, lime zest, sparkling water, white amber, and cedar. It's the perfect fragrance to reach for when you want a vibrant kick. 

How Can You Bring Sweet Scents Into Your Home? 

You can also infuse sweet scents into your space with candles, our go-to for creating an inviting and comforting environment. 

We use premium-quality fragrances in our scented candles, and they’re made for optimal burn and performance using a high-end blend of soy and vegetable wax. When you’re looking for something sweet, here are our favorites to reach for. 

Half Baked Gingerbread Smash Candle

Fill your home with the holiday spirit with our Half Baked Gingerbread Smash Candle. This gingerbread candle takes your favorite store-bought gingerbread house kit and brings it to new heights. With spiced gingerbread, chai, frothy vanilla, and spiked eggnog for those warm, fresh-baked treat aromas, this candle will leave your mouth watering. 

Half Baked Pumpkin Smash Candle

The Half Baked Pumpkin Smash Candle will be your new go-to if you go crazy for pumpkin spice every season. This pumpkin candle mixes pumpkin spice, cinnamon stick, brûléed orange, salted maple, roasted chocolate, and a dash of whiskey for the perfect blend of sweet and spicy.

Sweet Ash Candle

Our most popular fine fragrance in candle form is equally inviting and addictive. The Sweet Ash Candle is a smooth-burning, comforting blend of moss, woods, fir balsam, tonka, and vanilla bean. You just might want to get one for every room in your house, and we won’t stop you. 

Crumb Couture Candle

Our Crumb Couture Candle is the perfect scent for your kitchen and dining room. The warm pastry aroma with vanilla and jam can serve as the ideal backdrop to your holiday gatherings, and even if you're not baking the treats you serve, your home will smell like you did! 

So Sweet You Can (Almost) Taste It 

Our sweet scents are so tempting that you might want to take a bite (but we don't recommend it). Our premium fragrances and candles have a little something for everyone, and these sweet scents may be just what you've been craving in your life.


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