7 Long-Lasting Scents To Smell Great All Day

We’ve all been there — you spray your fragrance on in the morning, only for it to fade faster than your coffee buzz. It's the worst, and it may leave you wondering what the point of applying fragrance even is. 

Today, we're exploring all of the secrets to making a scent last all day. Plus, you’ll learn about the layers in a fragrance and how they can help your favorite scent linger. We've also rounded up some powerhouse fragrances that'll keep you smelling incredible all day long.

What Types of Scents Last the Longest?

The first thing we should go over is the unsung heroes of perfumery: bottom notes. You don't need to get caught up in the complexities of developing a fragrance, but there are a few things to keep in mind. 

A fragrance has three layers: the top notes, middle notes, and base notes. 

Top note ingredients include scents like orange blossom and blackcurrant. While peony, cardamom, black orchid, and tuberose can be used as middle notes. Base notes include musk, ylang-ylang, ambrette, oud, and French vanilla. 

Imagine your favorite scent as a song. The top notes are the catchy intro, with the middle notes as the heartwarming chorus, and the bottom notes are the grand finale. The show-stopping ending that lasts in your memory, except in this case, it's a scent that sticks around. 

Basically, bottom notes are the MVPs when it comes to determining how long your fragrance will last. These ingredients are intense and the densest, ensuring they stay on the skin. 

Let's go over some familiar scents used as base notes. 


Sandalwood not only adds a creamy, woody depth to your fragrance, but it also makes your scent last for hours. It’s a versatile ingredient that pairs well with both sweet scents and bright, citrusy scents for a range of different experiences. 


Patchouli is the earthy base in the scent world — it's a warm scent that makes you want to get nice and cozy. Plus, most importantly, it refuses to fade away. Many people think they don’t like patchouli, but in reality, it’s usually a result of the way patchouli is being used. When it’s combined with the right scents and incorporated in a way that leans into its cozy feelings, patchouli is one of the best scent elements out there. 


Musk and white musk are a go-to in so many fragrances… for good reason. Musk is subtle yet incredibly effective in adding longevity to your scent. The musk molecules cling to your skin, making you smell irresistible long after applying your perfume.


Let’s be real. Who doesn't love vanilla? From homemade sweet treats to lattes and beyond, vanilla is a fan favorite in many ways. However, it's not just for your favorite desserts and drinks — vanilla is a fragrance crown jewel that adds a delicious sweetness to your scent and makes sure it lingers. 


Bergamot is a zesty option that’s popular for its fresh, citrusy nature, and its strength helps it leave a lasting impression. Plus, the energizing qualities make it a great addition to any fragrance. 


Amber adds a warm, rich, and resinous quality to your scent, creating depth and fullness. It also has an amazing ability to hold onto the skin and linger. 

What Are Some of the Best Long-Lasting Fragrances? 

There are plenty of fragrances out there that will stick with you through thick and thin. As we know, the key to long-lasting perfumes is the ingredients.

The other factor that determines how long your scent lasts is how you apply it. Spritzing your perfume on your clothes won't get the job done. 

However, applying the fragrance to your pulse points (your wrists, neck, behind the ears, and inner elbows) will help it linger. These areas of the body emanate heat, intensifying the scent and allowing the scent molecules to cling to the skin — being a little strategic about spraying your fragrance can help make sure it lasts all day. We also recommend applying some moisturizer to your skin, as this can help your scent stick and hang around longer.

All of that said, we have seven fragrance recommendations for you with serious staying power. Who knows, you might just find your new signature scent. 

1. Way With Woods 

With the endurance of sandalwood, musk, and amber, Way With Woods has the essentials to last from sun-up to sun-down. Plus, it features white tea, zesty mandarin, and earthy vetiver. This scent doesn't quit, making it your perfect companion for busy days. 

2. Sweet Ash 

Sweet Ash wins the longevity game with patchouli, vanilla, and bergamot. That's not all, though — this lowkey, sweet fragrance is also enhanced with tonka bean, cedarwood, juniper, fir balsam, and white moss. The scent is sweet and subtle but will keep you coming back for more. 

3. Tart Deco 

Tart Deco uses a dose of vanilla as the key to its lasting power. Vanilla perfumes tend to have a hint of sweetness, and this vanilla and cherry fragrance also blends the fruity scents of black cherry, raspberry, rose, jasmine, mimosa, birchwood, and vetiver. It's a juicy, sophisticated, gourmand-style scent that draws anyone in.

4. Burning Bridges 

Burning Bridges is another option featuring a healthy dose of vanilla — but this one is infused with tobacco, iris, rose, fresh spices, freesia, and oakmoss. This toasted scent is full of fiery and even floral notes that help it stick around.

5. Golden Ticket 

Golden Ticket is a treasure trove of long-lasting scents with bergamot and amber at its core. It also utilizes black tea, green tea, golden maté, sage, and galbanum for a magical, musky scent. This fragrance unfolds more with every sniff, leaving a trail of musky scents that have an irresistible allure.

6. Strawberry Moon 

Strawberry Moon is a bright, lively fragrance that leaves a lasting impression with its bergamot and amber woods combo. It's also infused with the floral scent of jasmine along with leather, pink pepper, iris, saffron, and vetiver. The warm, vibrant, and earthy smells linger like a sweet dream. 

7. Citrus Circus 

Citrus Circus is a citrus scent that uses white amber to achieve a long-lasting dry-down. It also combines creamsicle, grapefruit, lime zest, sparkling water, neroli, violet, and cedar for a citrus explosion that hangs in the air, making it a true show-stopper. 

Built To Last 

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