What Is a Gourmand Fragrance & What Does It Smell Like?

When you smell a fragrance so good you wish you could eat it, you're most likely smelling a gourmand scent. These types of fragrances feature edible notes — aka, they smell like your favorite foods and desserts (but they aren’t made of your favorite foods and desserts, so we don’t recommend tasting them). 

These olfactory creations can whisk you away to dreams of bakeries filled with delicious treats and dessert tables covered with sweet confections. With a gourmand scent, you'll have everyone asking you what you use… and today, we’re diving into the world of gourmand fragrances to give you the ultimate breakdown.

What Is a Gourmand Fragrance? 

Gourmand scents are a distinct category of fragrances inspired by edible elements. The term "gourmand" comes from the French word for "glutton," and these fragrances live up to the name by tempting your senses and making you feel like you're indulging. 

At its core, a gourmand fragrance incorporates a range of scents based on edible ingredients — they can incorporate anything from sweet scents like vanilla, caramel, cotton candy, praline, and chocolate to more savory or complex smells like coffee and spices. 

These olfactory dessert scents began long ago, but became more common in the 1990s when perfumers started playing with new notes. Beyond sweet scents, fragrance makers also started adding fragrance notes of patchouli, musk, powdery amber, and spices like cinnamon to create more unique, creative fragrances. 

What Does a Gourmand Fragrance Smell Like?

A gourmand fragrance combines scents that bring to mind images of your favorite treats — think deep, rich, juicy, and sweet. When you wear a gourmand scent, you’re basically carrying the smell of all your favorite desserts along with you. 


Chocolate is a widely loved snack and scent. And believe it or not, it’s a pretty versatile fragrance because it can have buttery, bitter, milky, or sweet notes. 

When you add certain elements to chocolate, you can boost its aroma and add a layer of complexity. Plus, chocolate scents have a unique ability to pair nicely with both masculine and feminine fragrances. They’re for everyone, and loved by everyone (or close to it). 


Vanilla is one of the most common ingredients in the world of gourmand fragrances for a reason. This scent is rich yet also light and compelling, and it can boost pretty much any scent. Vanilla originates from the orchid family and is grown close to the equator, with much of the world getting its vanilla fromMadagascar, Mexico, Tahiti, Indonesia, and Uganda

Each country produces its own unique vanilla scent and flavor profile, and the farmers from each country also have different curing processes for bringing out the vanilla fragrance. However, not all vanilla scents come from nature — there are also synthetically-made vanilla fragrances and extracts that create a different experience. 


A gourmand fragrance doesn’t have to only be sweet and sugary. It can also be bitter and fruity by incorporating the scents of different fruits. Peach, apricot, and orange blossom, for example, are popular in fragrances, and this fruity take on a gourmand fragrance is bright and refreshing.

What Are Some Must-Try Gourmand Fragrances? 

There's a wide, wide world of gourmand fragrances for you to explore. However, it's important to remember what a "true" gourmand fragrance is. At Snif, some of our scents incorporate gourmand notes, but real gourmand perfumes are strongly food-forward. We lean towards more wearable, subtle versions of your favorite sweet scents so you can enjoy them day in and day out without feeling overpowered. 

With that in mind, here are some of our must-try takes on gourmand fragrances.

1. Crumb Couture

Crumb Couture is a true mouthwatering gourmand fragrance. It captures the essence of a freshly baked French croissant paired with the sweetness of wild berry jam. Toasted vanilla and tonka bean create warmth, and blackcurrant adds fruitiness for a golden, fresh-baked experience. 

2. House of 8

House of 8 is a chocolate scent that offers a more nuanced take on gourmand fragrances. The addition of sage and lavender adds depth while vanilla and sandalwood create a creamy and comforting backdrop. 

3. Citrus Circus

Citrus Circus is on the edge of gourmand fragrances with its hints of creamsicle. This bright fragrance features citrus notes of grapefruit and lime zest, balanced by floral nuances like neroli and violet. This fragrance offers a playful and refreshing twist on the gourmand trend, bringing you some edible elements without leaning too sweet or strong.

4. Sweet Ash

Sweet Ash is a sweet, earthy fragrance that introduces a subtle hint of gourmand sweetness with vanilla bean and Tonka, but earthy notes like juniper and fir balsam expertly balance it. The result is a fragrance that combines the best of both worlds. 

5. Tart Deco

Tart Deco features the lusciousness of black cherry and raspberry, softened by floral notes like rose and jasmine. Vanilla adds a creamy sweetness to this cherry scent, making it a magical blend that perfectly balances fruity and gourmand.

6. Ace Ace Baby

Ace Ace Baby brings a zesty twist to gourmand with lemonade complemented by the freshness of ginger and the green notes of apple blossom and grass. It's an energizing fragrance ideal for anyone who craves a super unique gourmand experience.

7. Golden Ticket

Golden Ticket infuses the soothing aroma of bergamot and black tea with sage and galbanum for an intriguing green twist. This is a light, musky fragrance that puts you on the fast track to a world where life is less serious. 

8. Burning Bridges

Burning Bridges relies on the sweetness of Madagascar vanilla and the rich depth of tobacco to create a perfectly toasted scent. Iris and rose add a layer of floral sophistication, and fresh spices and freesia add depth for a creative take on a gourmand experience.

How To Layer Scents 

Layering gourmand fragrances is an art that allows you to create a signature scent that’s truly yours

The first step is to start with a neutral base, such as an unscented lotion that helps give your fragrance something to grip onto. Next, choose complementary scents that you already know you enjoy. You can look for scents that share some of the same undertones, or fragrances that are in the same fragrance family. Two fresh scents or two scents that both feature vanilla, for example, might pair well.

Once you’ve chosen your fragrances, start off with the lighter gourmand scent. Apply it to your pulse points, such as wrists, neck, and behind your ears. Once the first layer has dried down, go in with your second fragrance. If one scent is lighter than the other, you can apply more of it, but be careful not to put on too much, as it can become overwhelming. You can always add more, but you can’t exactly subtract without washing it all off and starting from scratch.

Whether you're trying to create a cozy, dessert-inspired aroma or experimenting with a more complex blend, layering scents is a fun way to express your personality. 

Indulge in Decadence 

Gourmand scents can take you on a sweet sensory adventure — they blend the smells of your favorite sweet treats with ingredients that add depth and complexity. These fragrances can make you want to breathe deep and enjoy the little things… and with Snif, you can enjoy a variety of gourmand-inspired scents you're sure to crave. 


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