How To Make a Candle Gift Basket for Any Occasion

Looking for the perfect gift for a bestie’s birthday?

You can always throw a few items together for a personalized, no-fail gift basket. You can even take your gift-giving game up a notch by making the basket’s focal point a candle (or two).

We all love the calming, cozy smell of a new candle — especially one that burns for 50+ hours. Check out our candle gift basket ideas that your friends and family will love.

What Should I Include in My Candle Gift Basket?

Don’t stress over the details. We’re here to make your candle gift basket as simple to put together as possible.

This guide is broken down by occasion, but feel free to mix it up, get creative and have fun putting your basket together!

For Birthdays

If someone special has a birthday coming up, you can’t go wrong with a self-care-themed gift basket. Combine a fuzzy pair of slippers, a face mask, and an intoxicating candle, and you’ve got a totally giftable spa-day set. 

For a birthday gift basket, we highly recommend our Sweet Ash scent. We turned our best-selling fine fragrance into a smooth-burning candle with a blend of moss, woods, fir, tonka, and vanilla bean — a combination that’s just right for relaxing at home.

You can also elevate your gift basket by including a bottle of champagne (or sparkling juice for the under-21s). After all, everyone deserves a little bubbly on their birthday!

For New Beginnings

Whether you’re congratulating someone for a graduation, a new job, or any other big milestone, nothing says “You did it!” like a basket of goodies. 

Include a candle with an elevated fragrance, their favorite celebratory beverage (like soda, beer, or wine), and some chocolate-covered fruits and nuts to satisfy their cravings.

Everyone has the right to indulge a little after a big accomplishment. You can even add a gift card to their favorite restaurant so they can treat themselves whenever they want. 

In addition to a high-quality candle and a few other celebratory products, think about writing a handwritten note. Put that creative writing class you took to use and take a minute to let them know that you’re their biggest fan — it’ll make your gift basket an even sweeter gesture.

For Holidays

There’s nothing quite like being cozy during the holidays. 

Our candle basket ideas can infuse any gift with a comfy winter vibe. Opt for a candle that gives off warmth to really set the tone. We recommend our Instant Karma scent for a cinnamon, cardamon, and vetiver-infused nightcap. 

Bake some cookies (or buy them), and add a favorite tea, coffee, or hot chocolate to your gift basket for a finishing touch. You can even add a soft scarf or a pair of mittens to help your loved ones stay warm in the winter chill. 

With a soothing candle to burn and some treats to enjoy, whoever receives this holiday gift basket will definitely get the rest and relaxation they deserve.

For Housewarming Gifts

  1. If you know someone who’s moving into a new apartment or house soon, grab a scented candle that fits their personality. Candles are awesome decorative pieces for any new home, and there’s nothing like finding a fragrance that matches your space.
  1. For folks who want their home to be a beachy paradise, try our Ditch Plains scent.

To fill your gift basket, you can add a small succulent and some of your pal’s favorite sweets or snacks. This basket will surely bring a slice of home into their new space — and you get to be the one who hand-delivers it.

For Just-Because Treats

Sometimes, you randomly want to show your friends and loved ones that you think they’re rad. Treat them to a little night-in basket the next time you get the urge.

A candle can set the perfect mood for a relaxing evening of reading last month’s book club pick (better late than never), catching up on your favorite reality TV show, or putting together a home-cooked meal (Guy Fieri, eat your heart out). 

Toss some sweet-smelling bath salts and a body lotion or oil in there as well, and you’ll have the makings of a night of R&R. You could even make this a movie-themed basket by combining our Off the Grid candle with some popcorn, movie theatre candies, and an Amazon Prime gift card so they can stream whatever movie their heart desires.

Off the Grid melts the relaxing smells of lily of the valley, moss, cypress, tuberose, cedar, cistus amber, and sandalwood. It’s warm, calming, and takes you to your happy place while your phone’s on DND. 

A Gift They’ll Really Want

These DIY basket ideas are fun to put together, and they’re the perfect fit for any special occasion.

Think of the ideas listed above as inspiration to follow loosely. Just grab a candle that you love, and throw in whatever other goodies come to mind. A little bit of personalization can go a long way, and your thoughtfulness won’t go unnoticed.

Give a gift like this, and you’ll definitely find yourself with a big hug and a thank you from whoever receives it. You’ll probably even get to see and smell that candle every time you visit them! 

So go ahead, make the basket — then come back and grab a candle for yourself.



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