5 Travel-Inspired Fragrances for Your Next Vacation

We all know that our best packing moments happen the night before a ridiculously early flight. When you’re running through your go-to checklist of credit card, passport, deodorant, hand sanitizer, and body lotion, take a pause and have some fun with your fragrance. Scent has the ability to amplify memories and experiences, and choosing a fragrance inspired by your destination can bring your vacation to the next level. 

Here’s a list of our top five travel-inspired fragrances to help you be the best-smelling person on your next getaway. Plus, all Snif fragrances are TSA-compliant, from our full-size bottles to the travel-size minis, so you won’t have to worry about the TSA agent awkwardly rifling through your not-so-organized suitcase. You’re welcome. 

1. Honorable Mention: A California Scent 

If your next trip agenda includes driving down the Pacific Coast Highway or a lowkey getaway to Carmel-by-the-sea, this woody, floral scentwill have you turning heads in any part of the Golden state. 

What It Smells Like

Honorable Mention is a winning scent without having to try — making it perfect for those breezy blue-sky days in the California sun. Honorable Mention combines a juicy burst of peach with spiced black walnut, jasmine tea, lily of the valley, and orange blossom for a bright and smooth fragrance. 

It’s fresh, floral, and woody, combining three of California's best features. Whether your itinerary lists out beach days and shopping or nature walks and biking trails, Honorable Mention will help you feel ready for anything the day has in store. 

2. Burning Bridges: For Your Next City Escape

For your next city escape, try our Burning Bridges fragrance. Toasted and bold, this scent makes a statement. Like New York City, Burning Bridges leaves an impression that will be impossible to forget.

NYC has something for everyone, and if you’re a fan of arts and culture hoping to catch a show on Broadway after a morning at the Met, Burning Bridges can help you make your mark in the city. 

What It Smells Like

With a mixture of vanilla, tobacco, iris, rose, fresh spices, freesia, and oakmoss, Burning Bridges is as complex and intriguing as New York City itself. Freesia is a floral, fresh scent with a subtle citrus smell. The light, freshness of the freesia in Burning Bridges complements the deeper, richer fragrances like vanilla and tobacco. 

You may want to take a 30 mL bottle of Burning Bridges for a longer trip. If you’re only going for a weekend away from the city, bring the 10 mL mini fragrance to save space and travel in style. 

3. Strawberry Moon: A Miami Scent

If you associate Miami with colorful art deco architecture, palm trees, and beach clubs, then you’ll find everything you’re looking for in South Beach. 

To relax during a Miami getaway when you’re lounging by the pool or dancing the night away, consider wearing our Strawberry Moon fragrance. This fragrance is inspired by South Beach and the Goodtime Hotel’s retro swim club. South Beach is a charming, lively neighborhood in Miami known for its Cuban influences, stunning beaches, art scene, and nightlife. 

Strawberry Moon is the best scent to wear when you’re lounging by the pool or dancing the night away. 

What It Smells Like

With jasmine, leather, bergamot, pink pepper, iris, saffron, vetiver, and amber woods, this fragrance will bring South Beach to you. Warm and woody, Strawberry Moon is a playful, fruity, luxurious scent that will help you relax and unwind.

If you’ve heard of bergamot but aren’t sure what it smells like, think citrus. Bergamot has a fruity, citrusy smell and a floral, spicy edge.

4. Ex On The Beach: A Beach Scent

Many consider a quaint seaside town their ideal relaxing getaway, and the U.S. has plenty. No matter where you go, Ex On The Beach should be the first item in your toiletry bag. 

Maybe you’re heading to Cape May, New Jersey, one of the most famous seaside towns on the East Coast that’s full of colorful, Victorian-style houses and a thriving culinary scene. Or, maybe you’re on the road North to Bar Harbor, Maine, with its lively downtown and outdoorsy vibe. 

Regardless of where, exactly, your seaside travels take you, make sure you bring Ex On The Beach — it’s the perfect companion for any coastal atmosphere, from the beaches of New Jersey all the way to the tree-lined shores of Maine. 

What It Smells Like

Ex On The Beach features a smooth, warm combination of fig, ylang-ylang, orange blossom, jasmine, peony, and cedarwood. 

Ylang-ylang is a fruity, floral fragrance that comes from the flowers of the Cananga tree. It has a distinctive smell that’s like a mixture of jasmine, neroli, and subtle creamy banana, making it perfect for a light, coastal vibe that still hits on a classic floral scent. 

Ex On The Beach is floral, woodsy, and intoxicating fragrance that will help you make a statement without being overwhelming. 

5. Way With Woods: A Scent for West Coast Hikes

For those of us who are craving an outdoorsy hiking vacation on the West Coast, there’s Way With Woods. This subtle, inviting scent will help you feel right at home as you stroll through the vast Redwood forests of Northern California or climb waterfalls in Oregon. 

The West Coast is home to some of the best hiking in the United States. Given that the climate varies from Southern California to the northernmost part of Washington, you can find a stunning hike any time of the year. And if you tend to associate hiking with camping, Way With Woods just might be the perfect fragrance to keep you feeling fresh from the trail to the campsite (and back again).

What It Smells Like

Way With Woods blends white tea, mandarin, sandalwood, amber woods, vetiver, and musk. If you’re unfamiliar with musk, it has an earthy and slightly sweet smell that can sometimes have a powdery after-scent. 

This is our fan-favorite scent, and it’s a great compliment to any outdoor vacation thanks to its ability to help you unwind and connect with nature. 

Maybe Way With Woods sounds like just what you need for your next hiking vacation, but you think you may need a few other scents to fit that fancy dinner reservation at the lodge. If that sounds like you, we have you covered — try our Mini Bestseller Bundle. This bundle has our three best-selling scents: Way With Woods, Tart Deco, and Sweet Ash. 

With these three fragrances by your side, you’ll be ready for anything along the way.

Travel Size Explained

All the talk about travel-sized fragrances may leave you wondering what travel-sized actually means. According to the TSA, you can travel with any 3.4 ounces or less of liquid in your carry-on bag, and you can bring one (yes, just one) quart-sized bag full of liquids of this size with you through security. 

Snif’s fragrances, including both our 30 mL bottles and 10 mL mini fragrances, are under 3.4 ounces. In other words, you can safely fly with any of Snif’s fragrances in your carry-on. The world is your oyster.

If you want to take a mini-fragrance with you to save space in your bag but are worried about it breaking, you can store it in the Reusable Mini Case to keep it secure. 

If you’re not flying, you still may want to consider packing travel-sized fragrances. They will take up less space in your toiletry bag and help you stay organized once you reach your destination. 

Sync Your Scent With Your Destination

Next time you plan to get out of town, don’t forget to sync your scent with your destination. Whether you’re in Malibu, Miami, or anywhere in between, Snif has a fragrance to fit your vacation. 


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