Hop Into Spring With These Spring Fragrances

Regardless of what the weatherman on ABC news tells you, spring is just around the corner. And in our opinion, that means it’s time to try some new fragrances. 

When you think of spring fragrances, your mind might automatically jump to floral scents, and that’s understandable. That said, if floral scents aren’t really your thing, the good news is that’s not the only spring option out there. While Snif does have a few luxurious floral scents for you to try, we also have a wide array of other fragrances that can help you welcome spring this year. 

Floral fragrances are often gendered and marketed toward women, but here at Snif, we believe that scent is personal. You should (and can) wear whatever scent makes you happy, and we’re here to help you do it. All of our favorite spring scents are genderless, high-quality fragrances made for anyone who wants to wear them. 

This guide will take you through nine of our favorite fragrances to help you hop into spring with style. 

Our Favorite Spring Scents for This Year

Before we get started, here’s a little info about what makes us different: 

At Snif, we don’t like to harp on complicated French phrases and scent notes; we’re here to demystify them. You don’t need to understand the difference between “eau de parfum” and “eau de toilette” or top notes and base notes to enjoy our fragrances. 

In fact, you don’t even need to know exactly what type of fragrance you want — you can have all our suggestions at your doorstep in days with Snif’s “try before you buy” experience. With this option, you can try as many fragrances as you want, and only keep what you love. 

Not quite sure what scent to reach for this spring? Here are some of our favorites to welcome the season. 


If you’ve ever had Earl Grey tea, you likely know the standout smell of bergamot.

Sometimes known as the “prince of citrus,” bergamot is a complex blend of bright citrus and fresh florals. Its scent is as refreshing as grapefruit or gardenia, with a unique, subtle touch.

Bergamot is refreshing but never overwhelming, and you can make it one of your signature scents this spring with Golden Ticket

Golden Ticket features a blend of bergamot, black tea, green tea, vetiver, golden maté, and amber that creates a magical, musky scent. 


Sandalwood has a slightly woody, creamy, and rich scent, but it also leans slightly sweet and floral, making it a popular spring choice. 

Way With Woods blends sandalwood with mandarin, white tea, amber woods, vetiver, and musk for a subtle and inviting fragrance to help you make a fresh start this spring. 

Way With Woods is the perfect signature scent if you have a busy spring ahead and need something that can seamlessly transition from daytime picnics to evening bonfires. 


If you have a hard time pinning down what musk smells like, it’s probably because it’s often associated with a rich, leathery scent, and that isn’t exactly accurate. Musk has a subtle smell that’s powdery, sweet, and woody.

Way With Woods isn’t just a subtle sandalwood fragrance — it’s also a pleasant way to make musk part of your new spring scent. Musk gives Way With Woods its earthy and slightly sweet smell, and it’s also the reason why this option has a slightly powdery after-effect. 

You’ll get the initial fragrance and something deeper, all in one scent.


Vetiver has an earthy, woody, and smoky smell that might remind you of a grassy lawn and a worn leather couch. Think of fresh-cut grass in the springtime dew, mixed with the homey smell of your parent’s family room couch that was always your favorite.

Show Pony mixes earthy vetiver and sandalwood with warmer fragrances like amber and saffron. This mysterious scent is an elegant and dark addition to any cool-but-comfortable spring night.


Another citrusy scent to start your spring with is neroli, which brings a sweet, floral scent to the table. Neroli smells fresh and clean, like that first warm breeze in late April. 

Although it comes from the same tree as the orange blossom fragrance, neroli has a lighter scent, with less of the classic honey and earthy smell we associate with the orange blossom. 


For many people, floral scents for spring are non-negotiable. If you’re ready to bring the May flowers to extend out of your garden and into your daily routine, you may want to try a geranium fragrance. 

Geraniums have a subtle, floral scent that’s fresh and clean with a hint of something fruity, sweet, and spicy. Geranium will help you blossom this spring without overpowering any other scents you may want to wear.

Lily of the Valley

If you want to take a more classic approach to your signature scent this spring, try a fragrance that features Lily of the Valley. This floral fragrance is fresh and crisp and smells slightly of jasmine. 

For a woody, floral start to spring, try Honorable Mention. This fragrance combines Lily of the Valley with a burst of peach, orange blossom, Timur pepper, jasmine tea, cypress, and vetiver. A spritz of this scent is bright, smooth, and mouth-watering. In other words, it’s ideal for the start of spring.


Ylang-Ylang is a distinct scent that smells like a combination of jasmine and neroli with a fruity, sweet twist that might remind you of bananas and honey. You’ll find ylang-ylang in Ex On The Beach, a smooth, warm scent with a big personality. 

Ex On The Beach combines fig, ylang-ylang, orange blossom, jasmine, peony, and cedarwood. It is woody, floral, and intense but never overwhelming. This makes it a stunning go-to scent to help you make your mark this spring.


Peony is a more classic spring fragrance, thanks to its fresh, sweet floral scent. 

Like with most flowers, the scent of peonies can be strong or delicate depending on the type of peony used and how it is layered with other scents. The smell of peony might bring you back to your mom’s spring gardening when you were little, or the flowers your dad would bring home on Easter. You can find a fresh take on peony with the smooth scent of Ex On The Beach, too.

Find a New Signature Scent This Spring

Finding a new spring scent can be difficult. Springtime is often associated with floral scents, and this can make it tough to step outside of the box and try something new if your tried-and-true rose fragrance is getting old. 

Hopefully, this list of the best fragrances for spring will help you hop into the season in style. If you’ve made it this far and are thinking all of the above, we get it — with our Mini Statement Bundle, you can try an array of our favorite scents as the weather warms up.


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