Find Your Scent: What Does Jasmine Smell Like

Jasmine fragrance feels like a sun-drenched garden in full bloom in a bottle. You simply can't go wrong with a scent featuring this star-shaped flower. 

We're diving nose-first into the world of jasmine to talk about how it smells. Plus, we, of course, have a few jasmine-inspired scent recommendations. You'll be spritzing your new floral fragrance in no time. 

What Is Jasmine? 

Jasmine is known for its sweet, rich, intense scent. It's captivated people's hearts and noses for centuries for good reason. 

Another fun fact? Not all jasmine flowers smell exactly the same. With so many species of jasmine, each brings its own twist to the party, making this flower a versatile and cherished ingredient in fragrances worldwide: 

  • Jasmine Sambac: Also known as jasminum sambac or Arabian jasmine, this species has a strong and slightly fruity scent. 

  • Jasmine Grandiflorum: This species is also known as jasminum grandiflorum or Spanish jasmine. It has a sweet and rich fragrance. In ancient times, it was used for various medicinal purposes. 

  • Jasmine Auriculatum: This type of jasmine plant can be found in places like India and the Andaman Islands. It has a sweet, floral, and slightly spicy scent. Not only can you find it in fragrances, but it's also used as a decoration and during festivals in India. 

  • Synthetic Jasmine: Synthetic jasmine is made using chemical compounds that mimic the scent of natural jasmine. However, this fake version comes off as less potent and complex than the real thing. 

  • Jasmine Absolute: This is the name for jasmine essential oils used in perfumery and aromatherapy. The jasmine oil gives any fragrance, soap, or eau de parfum an intense and long-lasting floral aroma. 

What Does Jasmine Smell Like? 

The scent of jasmine lingers in the air, leaving a trail of sweetness. Let’s break down what jasmine smells like by taking a peek at .


Jasmine is unmistakably floral — it is a flower, after all. When these tiny white flowers are in full bloom, they can fill the air with a thick, sweet fragrance, like leaning in to take a whiff of a bouquet. The floral scent shines through the other notes. 


The aroma of jasmine is fresh, too. It has a green, crisp undertone that balances out the sweetness and gives it an invigorating quality, like a breeze on a scorching hot day. 


Jasmine’s scent profile can be strong, but there's also a lightness to it. The delicate side of the smell of jasmine keeps it from being too overwhelming — it makes it versatile and wearable, adding a touch of airiness. 


A subtle musk aroma gives jasmine a warm and inviting vibe, making it feel both mysterious and comforting. This aspect adds depth and complexity to the fragrance that other floral scents often lack. 

What Are Some Scents That Use Jasmine? 

Jasmine's scent makes it a star in many fragrances, and we offer some standout options featuring this incredible scent. The best part? These aren’t your average fragrances. 

Soda Snob 

A crisp, cold, refreshing glass of soda just hits the spot, and so does this fragrance. Soda Snob is a soda fragrance that offers a punch of carbonation infused with rich caramel and a zesty citrus kick. Jasmine adds an unexpected floral note to this sweet concoction, bringing sophistication to the playful mix of cola accord. 


This summer scent takes you on a West Coast adventure you'll always remember. Pacifico combines salted jasmine and California oak with a dash of sage and rosemary. 

The jasmine adds a breezy freshness that pairs perfectly with the herbal and woody ingredients. The scent is like breathing in the Pacific Ocean air.

Natural Talent 

Looking for a smooth, juicy, and leathery scent? Natural Talent is charisma in a bottle. 

This leather scent features apricot, jasmine, soft suede, osmanthus flower, clementine, sandalwood, and cistus. The jasmine adds a subtle hint of floral goodness, harmonizing well with the fruity and leathery elements. 

Strawberry Moon 

A retro swim club inspires this South Beach, sun-soaked scent. Strawberry Moon is a poolside scent that features jasmine, bright citrus, and sun-tanned leather. It brings you the lively Miami social scene in a bottle, and the aroma of jasmine elevates the citrus and leathery notes. 

Snif fragrances are formulated for optimal performance. They are great to wear all day without being overwhelmed by the scent. No one wants to feel like they're being suffocated by your perfume, even if it smells incredible. You also don't want your fragrance to fade five seconds after applying it.

Florals for Summer 

There's no better time to introduce a new, fresh, floral scent than summer. Jasmine offers a boost of sweetness with an energizing quality. With its versatility, there's a floral scent for every occasion. Snif has some incredible jasmine fragrances to put into rotation this season. 


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