floral scents: a timeless trend

Floral scents are one of the most timeless fragrance trends. From the classic rose perfume your grandmother wore to modern floral fragrances with a twist, there is a floral scent out there for everyone — and we’re here to help you find yours

At Snif, we’re not ones to harp on scent notes and complicated jargon like “eau de parfum”or cologne. Instead, we’re breaking down some of our favorite floral fragrances and how to wear them effortlessly. 

what are some classic floral scent elements?

When it comes to finding the perfect floral fragrance, it can be helpful to know a few classic floral scent elements to look for. 

Let’s take a closer look at five elements that are often found in this fragrance family so you can start your search as a floral scent aficionado. 


Rose is one of those scents that always has been and always will be loved. It’s classic, with the power to transport you to a blooming garden in spring no matter where you are in reality. 

Given that there’s a wide variety of roses, there’s no one, uniform rose smell. Instead, the smell of roses can vary from a rich and velvety scent to a brighter, sweeter fragrance. Usually, people find the smell of roses to be fresh, calming, and romantic. 

ylang ylang

Next up on our list is ylang ylang. Although you might not be as familiar with ylang ylang as a flower as you are with roses, this floral scent is often found in fragrances because it’s so evocative and powerful. 

Ylang ylang smells both floral and powdery. It gets its richness from the faint smells of custard, banana, neroli, and honey that also come through along with the floral aroma. Creamy and sensual, ylang ylang offers a more complex option for a floral fragrance. 


Peonies are another flower often used by fragrance-makers. Slightly more subtle than ylang ylang, the smell of peony is sweet and citrusy. 

You can think of the smell of peony like the smell of roses, but with a fruity twist. Given its soft, ever so slightly spicy fragrance, the smell of peony is another floral fragrance that’s often associated with romance.


Used in everything from teas to fragrances, jasmine is another iconic floral scent. What sets jasmine apart from other floral scents is that along with the expected floral sweetness, it also has a slightly musky, deep side. 

This combination of delicate floral scents with deeper, richer muskiness makes jasmine instantly addicting. Not one to blend into the background, jasmine is usually the start of any fragrance that it’s blended into. 

water lily

As one of the lightest floral fragrances, water lily is one of those deliciously mysterious scents. Similar to the smell of regular lilies but slightly more subtle, water lily is effortlessly elegant, dewy, and fresh. 

our 5 favorite floral scents

Before we get to some of our favorite floral scents, let’s talk about what exactly a floral fragrance is. Think of the unique smells you experience when you’re going through a garden or the flower section of the grocery store. All flowers have their own natural scent or perfume, and each one, from lilac, orchid, and tuberose to daisies and wildflowers, has a distinct fragrance

While the smell of a gardenia is a bit different than the smell of a peony, all floral scents tend to be generally fresh and light. Floral scents are often energizing, bright, and reminiscent of spring, but they can also have a sweet, spicy edge depending on the flowers in question. 

So, now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s dive into our absolute favorite floral fragrances.

1. ex on the beach

Starting off strong, we have Ex on the Beach. This warm, smooth fragrance combines fig, ylang ylang, orange blossom, jasmine, peony, and cedarwood to make a scent that is both floral and woody at the same time. 

Ylang ylang is a particularly key player in this fragrance, with its deep, rich smell that leans on the sweet side. 

2. natural talent

For a peachy, herbaceous floral fragrance, reach for Natural Talent. 

This scent blends apricot and clementine with jasmine, osmanthus, flower, and sandalwood. The result? A perfectly smooth, warm, and leathery floral fragrance with a velvety finish. Natural Talent is full of charisma (and with one spritz, you will be, too).

3. vow factor

If you’re looking to make floral fragrances your new go-to for daily wear and special occasions, Vow Factor has you covered. 

With green fig, mandarin, neroli, rose, and cedarwood, Vow Factor brings you an elegant and romantic vibe — whether you’re bouncing from errand to errand, charming your favorite café barista, or getting ready to say “I do,” Vow Factor is versatile enough for the every day and the big day.

4. pacifico 

Inspired by the Pacific coastline in Malibu, our Pacifico scent features salted jasmine, rosemary, sage, water lily, plum, California oak, and manzanita. 

This coastal fragrance places water lily in the spotlight, giving it a floral but delicate smell. Considered one of the lightest floral scents, water lily has a subtle, spicy scent that layers well with the herbs in this fragrance. 

5. suganami

Our next floral fragrance for you is Suganami. With a combination of angelica seed, coriander, iris, rose, cypress, myrrh, amber, cedarwood, and musks, Suganami is a creamy, smooth fragrance. 

Whereas roses have a sweet, slightly spicy scent, irises smell powdery and give this fragrance a seamlessly blended vibe.

6. rose era

Last but certainly not least, we want to introduce you to Rose Era. Arguably the most classic floral fragrance is rose — and without losing that timeless allure, it gets an exciting, modern revamp in this new fragrance collab between Snif and Monet McMichael.

Both fruity and floral, Rose Era brings together the smell of roses with strawberry, pear, and ambrette seeds with the beloved smell of clean laundry. With Rose Era, you’ll be able to capture that sweet springtime freshness all year round. 

how to wear floral scents

Now that you know about all our favorite floral picks, you might be wondering how to wear floral scents year-round. Here are some of our best tips for expertly wearing a floral scent. 

pair your floral fragrance with the season

You can think of your floral fragrances as jackets — you might want a heavy, cozy parka in winter, while a light cardigan is all you need on a cool summer evening. 

If you’re looking to lean into the seasons, we recommend a light, bright, citrusy floral scent like Ex On The Beach for summer. You can also look for ingredients like neroli and patchouli to give your summery floral fragrance a fruity twist. 

In the fall, spices are the name of the fragrance game. As pumpkin spice lattes start to pop up all over the place, a little bit of spice in your floral fragrance goes a long way, too. We also love warm, woody fragrances for fall as the weather starts to cool down. A fragrance like Suganami is perfect for fall because of its undertones of musk and cedarwood. 

When winter rolls around, rich, bold scents can help you feel warm and energized. Something smoky and distinct, like our Burning Bridges scent, is a great choice for winter because the vanilla gives it a warm, cozy smell while the floral elements keep it bright. 

In the springtime, fresh floral scents will help you embrace the season’s sunny days, bright colors, and warm but comfortable weather. If you can, try going for a floral fragrance with fruity elements.

Although some scents are more popular during particular times of year, our number one tip is to wear the scent you like the most, regardless of what the calendar says. Being comfortable and confident in your fragrance is the most important decision-making criteria. 

swap out floral scents based on the occasion

Another one of our favorite tips for wearing floral scents is to swap them out based on the occasion. You can think of your fragrance as the finishing touch on any outfit that will surely make an impact. 

If you’re going for a more formal night out and want a more dramatic scent, you can try a fragrance like Ex On The Beach. But maybe you’re spending a night in and want a more subtle, grounding scent. In that case, a fragrance like Pacifico might be just what you’re looking for. Given that floral fragrances tend to be lighter, you can generally find one to fit any occasion.

You might also find that some floral fragrances transition seamlessly from day to night. A more understated scent, like Suganami, can easily make the switch from workday to date night. If you do wear your fragrance all day long, make sure to give yourself another spritz at least once to keep your scent feeling fresh. 

try layering your floral scents

Our final tip for wearing floral scents is to try layering them. If you want a signature scent that’s unique to you, you can try mixing some of your favorite fragrances together to make a completely new scent experience. 

The only tip to keep in mind when mixing fragrances is to try to stay within the same fragrance family so that your scent doesn’t become overwhelming — or clash and end up smelling very different than intended. 

find your new favorite floral scent

The best way to find the perfect floral scent for you is to start trying fragrances. That’s why we offer a trial where you can build your own bundle of scents to try — we’ll send you the samples along with three full-size fragrance bottles. You can choose the fragrances you want to keep, and return the ones you don’t (for free). 

When you’re looking for your new favorite floral scent, remember that you can choose a new fragrance for each season and swap out your floral fragrance depending on the occasion. And if you’re still craving something more, make your own floral fragrance by layering multiple scents together to create the perfect mix. 


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