The Best Floral Perfumes You’ll Fall in Love With

You might think floral scents are only for springtime, but they’re year-round crowd-pleasers.

If you’re unsure about what really makes a fragrance “floral”, we’re here to help demystify what flowery scents you may encounter as you shop for a new bottle. As a bonus, we’ll fill you in on some of our favorite floral scents here at Snif.

What Is a Floral Scent?

In fragrance, there are a few basic scent categories you’ll see pop up from time to time, like “floral,” “woody,” or “fresh.” Fragrance florals are a diverse mix of scents, so there’s something for everyone. 

While the fragrance industry loves to put gendered labels on floral scents, at Snif we know florals are for all and create genderless fragrances for everyone to love. Florals can create fun, unique blends that work for any occasion and any mood.

Our Five Favorite Floral Scents

Now that you know a bit about what floral fragrances are, let’s take a look at some of our favorites. 

You’ll also notice that not all the scents in these fragrances are floral.. At Snif, we love to create unique blends with a diverse range of notes. Ingredients like vanilla bean, moss, cedarwood, pink pepper, and more balance out the scents and make them one of a kind.

Sweet Ash

Did you say floral AND genderless? Now that's a scent worth shaking your Ash for!

With florals like juniper and bergamot, Sweet Ash stays fresh as it balances silky vanilla bean, moss, tonka bean, and patchouli. 

It’s sweet and savory, sexy and bright all at the same time.

Ex on the Beach

Fig is one scent that you may not have smelled before. It’s complex, sweet, and floral — even though it’s technically a fruity scent. Fig is one of the key ingredients in our Ex on the Beach fragrance. It's the kind of ingredient that keeps you coming back for more, even though you've promised your friends it's over and you're moving on...sure, go fig-ure.

Ex on the Beach is heavy on the fig, but it also includes a variety of florals. It’s an addictive fragrance that always stands out in a crowd. 

This scent combines fruity fig and smoky cedarwood with floral ylang ylang, orange blossom, peony, and white flower. If you want to feel extra confident next time you run into an ex, this is the fragrance for you. It radiates confidence without being overwhelming.

Strawberry Moon

We see a comfy beach chair, some morning bubbly, and a hotel pool in your future. 

Strawberry Moon, one of our favorite summer scents, was inspired by the iconic South Beach goodtime hotel’s swim club. This fragrance will transport you — and anyone who gets a whiff — to a tropical vacation destination.

With jasmine, iris, pink pepper, vetiver, and more, this fragrance will bring the party from sunrise to sunset. Whether you’re livin’ it up Miami-style or prefer to relax closer to home, Strawberry Moon is for good vibes and good times only. 

This one is a limited edition Snif scent, so get it while it lasts!

Burning Bridges

Like a thorny rose thriving in the rain, this smoky, smooth floral has a flair for the dramatic

Burning Bridges is a vibrant and bold scent that definitely does not hold back. Sound like anyone you know? 

With rose, iris, and freesia, Burning Bridges goes for the plot twist with vanilla and tobacco to keep you on your toes.

Natural Talent

Natural Talent uses iris, osmanthus flower, sandalwood, clementine, and suede to create a complex combination of florals that you don’t want to miss. It’s an irresistible blend of fruity and floral scents, and it effortlessly elevates your vibe every time you put it on.

What Makes Our Fragrances Special?

Clean Formulas: Smell Incredible With a Clear Conscience

There are some ingredients that you never want to see listed on the label of your favorite scent. Scents that are non-vegan, tested on animals, or packed with preservatives are always a hard pass.

That’s why our fragrances are formulated using industry clean standards. These scents are vegan, cruelty-free, and contain no preservatives, phthalates, parabens, or paraffin.

When you use a scent with a clean formula, you can smell amazing — with a clear conscience. 

They Actually Last

There’s nothing more annoying than smelling great when you leave your house… and smelling like nothing a few hours later. Our fragrances provide a long-lasting scent without being overpowering. 

With Snif fragrances, all you need is two to three sprays a day. Our scents stick around from the beach to the club and everywhere in-between. 

Need a New Scent? We Got You

If this guide has you plotting your new favorite floral scent to add to your collection, why not come grab one from Snif while they still last?

We pride ourselves on being genderless and universal because fragrance is for all. So, give one of these floral scents a try — you won’t regret it. 



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