Fragrances and Candles Everyone Will Love: Valentine's Day Gifts

Discover the Valentine's Day gifts that will make your partner's heart skip a beat. Valentine’s Day is all about showing your love and affection, and there's something romantic and personal about a fragrance. 

Whether you're a scent enthusiast or you want to give your special someone an intoxicating aroma, we’ve created a collection of scents that offers something for everyone. From flirty florals to spicy, woody fragrances, there's a scent for you and your partner are sure to love. 

Why Do Fragrances Make Great Valentine’s Day Gifts? 

There's a reason why fragrances are a perfect gift idea for V-Day. Fragrances truly put love in the air. Here are some reasons you should consider adding a scent to your gift.


There's a personal touch when it comes to gifting a fragrance. A certain level of thoughtfulness goes into selecting the best scent for your partner. It's not the same one-size-fits-all bouquet of red roses or generic box of chocolates. Plus, personalized gifts will earn you extra brownie points. 


Scent plays a powerful role in your memories and feelings of nostalgia. They can transport you to a cherished time in your life. Maybe it's a similar fragrance to the one they used to wear when you started dating or the scent of jasmine you smelled on your first stroll together. 

Gifting them a fragrance that reminds you of a shared memory or will help you remember this upcoming chapter together offers a way to travel back in time to the sweet moments you've shared.

Aphrodisiac Scents

Aphrodisiac fragrances are those scents that lure your partner in and cause feelings of desire. Certain smells are believed to have aphrodisiac effects. Sensual scents include vanilla, cinnamon, rose, ylang-ylang, and sandalwood. When you choose a fragrance with alluring notes, you're creating an extra spark between you and your significant other.

Which Fragrances Make the Best Gifts This V-Day? 

​​There are a few different ways to give the gift of scent this Valentine's Day. One way is through a premium fragrance. Snif has luxurious scents made using industry-clean standards and without parabens, preservatives, phthalates, or synthetic dyes inside — they’re fragrances you can feel good about giving. 

1. Vow Factor

Nothing says "I love you" quite like our Vow Factor fragrance. This fig scent was created with the wedding day in mind, and it's the perfect option to wear on the big day or a simple date night. 

Vow Factor combines green fig, mandarin, galbanum, neroli, rose, orris, cedarwood, tonka bean, and ambrette seeds for a rich, almost nutty finish that gives you a sophisticated, romantic feeling. 

2. Sweet Ash

Sweet Ash is one of our bestsellers, and for good reason. This subtle, sweet fragrance with woodsy notes keeps people coming back for more. It features juniper, bergamot, fir balsam, Tonka, vanilla bean, white moss, and patchouli. There’s something comforting and addictive about this scent, and your partner will thank you for the introduction. 

3. Tart Deco

Opt for a fragrance with a fun and juicy vibe with Tart Deco. This sophisticated cherry scent is a new take on a classic, and it combines cherry, rose, and mimosa with a blend of birchwood, vetiver, and vanilla. It's the perfect youthful yet elevated fragrance, making it a great gift for someone who needs a boost. 

Plus, rose and vanilla are two of those aphrodisiac scents we mentioned — both you and your partner will enjoy this fragrance, even if only one of you is wearing it. 

4. House of 8

Valentine's Day and chocolate go hand in hand, making our chocolate-inspired fragrance, House of 8, a great choice. The sweet notes aren't overwhelming in this fragrance, with natural ingredients striking a balance. It features an irresistible combination of chocolate, vanilla, and sandalwood balanced by sage and iris, and it's another aphrodisiac scent with mischievous energy. 

5. Suganami

Suganami is a luxurious scent with a dark and moody vibe. It blends natural, woody iris with hints of incense, myrrh, and amber, finishing with cypress and bright spices like angelica seed and pink pepper. This combination leaves a creamy, smooth, and slightly powdery after-effect. 

Which Candles Are Best for a Valentine’s Day Gift? 

That said, you can give the gift of scent in more ways than just fragrance. A premium candle is another amazing Valentine's Day gift idea, and our candles are made with the same high-quality fragrance we use in our fine fragrances.

Snif candles are created for optimal burn and performance with a high-end blend of soy and vegetable wax. Our wax combination enhances the concentration and throw of the candle's scent.

A couple of candles can make an incredible gift on their own, or you can include them in a gift set with a fragrance and a candle. You could also create a gift box or a DIY gift basket full of your significant others' favorite things — whether it’s comfy socks, a fragrance, a silk pillowcase, cute keepsakes, or a teddy bear, candles are the perfect addition.

1. Big Flirt

Big Flirt is an alluring, sultry candle featuring the scents of wild strawberry, champagne, chocolate ganache, jasmine sambac, vanilla milk, and patchouli gayo. It’s a smooth burn that sets the mood for you to settle in, snuggle up, and settle down. With it’s red vessel and wax, it’s the perfect centerpiece for your Valentine’s Day celebration. 

2. Private Hours

If you're looking for a seductive burn this V-Day, opt for Private Hours. This candle is infused with spiced rum, leather, cannabis, tobacco, cashmere woods, and amber for a rich blend. It's the kind of candle you light right after putting the "do not disturb" sign on the door. 

3. Sweet Ash

We couldn't resist turning one of our most popular fragrances into a candle. The Sweet Ash candle offers the same addictive scent qualities as the fragrance — you could even give both of them as a gift so that your partner’s scent can match the scent of their space.

4. Instant Karma

Instant Karma is a dark and dreamy candle that still lights up a space. It combines a creamy blend of cardamom, cinnamon, and vetiver for a spicy, warm, and sensual effect, and it’s perfect for cozy nights in. 

5. Prenup

While a prenup may not be what you think of when you're trying to be romantic, this musky, smooth candle will change your mind. Prenup features ink, black amber, vetiver, ebony wood, musk, vanilla, and tonka bean for a smooth-talking scent and a happily ever after. 

Finding the Perfect Match 

We hope you're inspired by our Valentine's Day gifts list. This gift guide gives you options your loved one is actually going to use — put the cheesy heart necklace back, and reach for our fragrances and candles. 

These gifts work for more than just V-Day and can come in handy anytime you need something last minute. You can get them for your best friend's birthday, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, and any other special event in your future. With Snif, there’s something for everyone to make them feel extra special and celebrate. 


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