Fall Fragrances Perfect for Sweater Weather

As the leaves start to change, we bid summer farewell and welcome in all the comfy-coziness of fall. And when sweater weather arrives, it's the perfect time to embrace new fragrances that match those cozy vibes. 

If you ask us, fall scents are some of the best — and when we say “fall scents,” there are probably a few specific ones that immediately come to mind. Pumpkin spice, crisp apples, cardamom, and cinnamon, to name a few, are super classic smells associated with the season. From pumpkin pie on holidays to warm apple cider and spiced chai lattes, fall is full of warm, comforting, yummy elements (and smells). 

That said, let’s dive into all things fall fragrances, including some of our favorite scents for the sweater weather season. 

Why Do We Change Our Scents With the Seasons?

If you feel the urge to switch up your scent when the seasons change, we feel you. As fall rolls in, it’s time for Gilmore Girls binging, fuzzy socks, warm blankets, crunchy leaves under new boots… and a fragrance to match.

Changing scents is about more than just smelling good. It's about aligning your sensory experience with the world around you. 

Certain scents can evoke feelings and memories associated with different times of the year. Think of the way the smell of a bonfire can instantly transport you to the camping trip you took in middle school, or the scent of cinnamon reminds you of fresh-baked apple pie. 

Scent-evoked memories are tied to your emotions, so they can bring up strong images, memories, or feelings in a way other memory cues don’t. This response is thanks to something called the olfactory cortex in your brain, which contains the amygdala — aka, the part of the brain that processes emotional experiences and memories. 

The Connection Between Scents and Seasons

When we connect certain scents with specific seasons, it’s usually because of routines, habits, moods, and feelings we associate with those seasons. 

Shifting Fragrance Preferences With Weather Changes

During warmer months, you may gravitate towards lighter, fresher scents that complement the heat and vibrancy of summer. Summer tends to be a happy, lively, sunshiney time of year, and many people gravitate towards bright, citrus fragrances that embrace refreshing vibes like cold lemonade on a hot day.

Conversely, as the temperature drops, you might tend to look for warmer, richer scents that offer a sense of comfort. 

Embracing "Sweater Weather" With Fall Fragrances

"Sweater weather" is synonymous with those comfy, cozy vibes, and fall fragrances often reflect that. The ideal fall fragrance will envelop you in a feeling of warmth, like your go-to sweater on a chilly day. Fall scents melt together a sense of richness and a feeling of contentment (a fancy way of saying happiness). 

What Makes a Fragrance Perfect for Fall?

There are a key few things to keep in mind when it comes to choosing the perfect fall fragrance — the warmth, richness, and comfort level of the scent, which all come together to create the perfect signature scent for the season. 


Fall fragrances radiate warmth by incorporating scents like vanilla, amber, musk, white musk, tonka bean, or cinnamon. These scents bring on that cozy experience by tying into aspects of autumn, like baked goods and warm lattes. Warm scents can be overpowering to some, but if you start with just a spritz or two, you may fall in love with the subtle sweetness. 


Fragrances with complex scents that linger on the skin have a certain level of richness — smells like sandalwood, cedarwood, vetiver, patchouli, and leather can create a rich, woodsy, captivating scent that’s perfect for the fall season.

These scents are common in aromatherapy because they can bring in feelings of relaxation and stress relief. For example, cedarwood oil has antioxidant and antibacterial properties, and some believe it can even help with sleep and anxiety.


The third key factor when finding the right fall fragrance is comfort. When it’s chilly outside, we’ll do anything to combat the cold and welcome the warmth — and fragrances can be part of that. Whether through scents like cashmere or gourmand fragrance experiences like caramel or chocolate, your fall perfume should promote relaxation and peace. 

Which Snif Fragrances Are Perfect for Sweater Weather?

Now for the fun part. If you’re on the hunt for the perfect fall fragrance and aren’t sure where to start (or feel overwhelmed by your options), we’re sharing some of our favorite sweater weather scents. 


Suganami is a natural scent that’s full of rich, warm, musky vibes. It seamlessly blends woody iris with traces of incense, myrrh, and amber while finishing with cypress and bright spices like angelica seed and pink pepper. It has a creamy, smooth, and slightly powdery after-effect that’s perfect for fall. 

Burning Bridges

Burning Bridges is a smoky and toasted scent that reads bold and spicey — it's infused with tobacco and bolstered with rose absolute and iris, then finished with a hit of Madagascar vanilla to make a statement.

Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention offers a new take on a woody, floral scent, featuring peaches mixed with orange blossom and spiced black walnuts. The fragrance stays bright, spicy, and smooth throughout, and you’re sure to turn heads this fall with this instant classic. 

Tart Deco

Tart Deco is a juicy cherry scent that muddles cherry, rose, and mimosa with a blend of birchwood, vetiver, and vanilla. The familiar smell of cherries and vanilla gives you that comforting aspect of a great fall fragrance without being too sweet.

Sweet Ash

Sweet Ash is a subtle, sweet, and earthy scent that lures you in and gets you addicted — fast. Hints of tonka and black vanilla bean balance out a blend of moss, bergamot, and fir balsam. If you don't usually gravitate towards sweeter scents, you'll be pleasantly surprised with Sweet Ash, which stays light instead of overpowering. 

How Can You Try Fall Fragrances Risk-Free? 

Selecting a new scent you can't smell first isn't ideal… and that’s why we offer an at-home trial program where you don't have to feel pressure to buy a scent you don't absolutely love. 

Step 1: Choose Your Trial Product

Any Snif core 30 ml fragrances and 8.5 oz candles are available to try risk-free. Each of these full-size products comes with a sample of the scent — however, Snif Minis and collaborations are excluded from the trial program.

Step 2: Authorize Now and Pay Later

When you go to checkout, we'll take your payment information, and we'll place a temporary "hold" on your card during the trial period. This hold may come up as "pending" or "processing" on your bank statement, but you won't be charged until after the trial period is over. 

Step 3: Try Samples for Seven Days

Once your Snif package arrives, you'll have seven days to use the sample fragrance or candle — try it, wear it, and see if you love it. You'll want to leave the protective seal on the full-size bottle until you decide you want to keep it, and you’ll also want to avoid burning the full-size candle. Once the seal is broken, you can no longer return the product, so stick with the minis during your trial!

Step 4: Return the Scents You Don't Love for Free

Not obsessed with the scent you ordered? No worries, you can submit a free return through our site.

After we approve your return, we'll send you a prepaid, printable return label. You can ship the full-size fragrance or candle back to us. Once we receive the return, we'll only charge your card for the scents you kept, or we’ll void the payment if you choose to return all of the scents you ordered.

How Can You Make the Most of Your Fall Fragrance? 

Once you’ve nailed down your new scent for sweater season, there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to applying your fragrances. After all, you’ve chosen the perfect scent, and you want it to last. 

If you just apply a few spritzes to your clothing and walk out the door, the scent is likely to fade pretty quickly. 

Instead, the key is to apply your scent to your body's pulse points — like your wrists, neck, behind your ears, décolletage, and inner elbows. These are areas where blood vessels are close to the surface, meaning they create more heat, which helps diffuse and amplify your fragrance. 

The constant warmth from your skin also helps the scent last longer. When you gesture or move around during the day, the fragrance on your pulse points will create a subtle scent aura around you. 

Using a fragrance brand built with lasting-power in mind, like Snif, will also help during the fall. All Snif fragrances are formulated to last without being too overwhelming. 

Falling in Love With a New Fragrance

Adding fall scents to your fragrance collection is the perfect way to start off the season, especially when you know where to start. Whether you’re going for a vanilla vibe or a smoky, toasted scent this season, Snif’s fragrances have you covered year-round to take the stress out of fragrance shopping.


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