we make gifting for valentine's day easy.

nothing says “I <3 you” like fine fragrance.

order the bundle kit and get 3 luxury scents for only $150. If you’re lucky, they might even share.

trust your own damn nose.

  • luxury-level scents

  • accessible prices

  • at-home trial

  • travel-ready bottles

  • genderless scents

  • friendly formulas

  • 1.

    Commitment free at-home trial.

    You shouldn’t have to guess what smells good on you or them. Order now and we’ll extend your trial period until February 21 so you can give the perfect vday gift to them or yourself. Plus free shipping and free returns.

  • 2.

    Options for every date night vibe.

    Our high-quality, premium scents are good for dressing up (Ex On The Beach), dressing down (Salty Stares), or not dressing at all (Way With Woods).

  • 3.

    Clean formulas that keep them close.

    You won't find preservatives, synthetic dyes, parabens, phthalates, or toxic chemicals inside our fragrance. Not only are our scents safe on skin, they're also made to last all day.

  • 4.

    Genderless scents you can share.

    Each scent we create is made to be worn by everyone. Plus, they’re all approved by our Scent Board, a diverse group of non-industry people who love to smell good.

  • 5.

    free Vday card with every order.

    Every order is present-ready and comes with a fun Vday card. What’s better than getting 3 fragrances to try? That and sappy love notes from your S.O.

spray to get all the Xs and Os spray to get all the Xs and Os spray to get all the Xs and Os

some things should be simple.

fragrance is one of them.

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    convenience is key

    Why brave aggressive retailers or take a chance on something you've never smelled? Snif Kits make the process simple and sure.

  • 2

    performance matters

    We don’t think you should spend $$$ on chemically-charged, overpriced fragrances full of empty promises.

  • 3

    your nose knows best

    You don't need a fancy fragrance school to school you on what smells good. You know what you like, so go ahead, trust your own damn nose.

“The Best Beauty Launches of 2020”

want to know what our scents smell like?

here’s what's inside...

  • Ex On The Beach

    This smooth, warm scent is the biggest personality of the group. It’s intoxicating, floral, and woodsy all at once.

    Fig, ylang ylang (aka fruity, floral goodness), orange blossom, jasmine, peony, and cedarwood.

  • Salty Stares

    We’ve never smelled a fragrance quite like this. It’s green, slightly peppery, refreshing, and keeps us coming back for more.

    Bell pepper, bergamot, lily of the valley (think fresh, spring flower), ginger, and oakmoss (marine and woodsy).

  • Way With Woods

    Hands down, our fan-favorite fragrance. It’s subtle, inviting, and gives us that light, woodsy scent we're after.

    White tea, mandarin, sandalwood, amber woods (warm and cozy), vetiver, and musk (aka earthy and slightly sweet).

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