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way with woods
is back!

“...smelled so good, i spent at least a full minute contemplating whether i could bathe in it."”
“I could still smell all of Snif’s scents on my skin as my head hit the pillow the same night.”
“...definitely leans into my woodsy, 'i smell like your man but better and more intoxicating and definitely more lickable' obsession with fragrance.”
“and trust us: the aromas are so addicting, you'll probably want them all.”

way with woods

30 ml
Hands down, our fan-favorite fragrance. It’s subtle, inviting, and gives us the light, woodsy scent we’re after. An easy to wear scent for every day or night.
  • high-quality, ethically-sourced ingredients
  • non-toxic, cruelty-free, preservative free, and vegan
  • formulated with 15% concentration for all-day performance
  • 30 ml bottle will last around 4-5 months with daily use
  • designed to be travel and TSA-friendly ;)
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the smells:

White tea, mandarin, sandalwood, amber woods (warm and cozy), vetiver, and musk (aka earthy and slightly sweet).

smell session with our co-founder

see what phil has to say about way with woods.

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why snif?


premium scents at an accessible price .

We partner with some of the best perfumers in the world to develop our luxury and genderless fine fragrances.


safe on skin and good for the planet.

All our fragrances are vegan, cruelty-free, and formulated with industry clean standards. They are made without parabens, preservatives, phthalates, or synthetic dyes inside.


scents designed to last all day.

Our 15% concentrated formulas are made to last all day (roughly 8 hours) without overpowering the senses.


free travel-size sample.

We include a free 2 ML sample with each full-size fragrance. Throw it in your pocket, purse, or fanny pack (yeah, we know).

spray. snif. wear. repeat. spray. snif. wear. repeat. spray. snif. wear. repeat.

what people are smelling.

“It’s true what they say, this is the best scent there is! My boyfriend and i fight over it, it’s so good (and truly genderless). Will be buying more!!”


“This scent is very long lasting, a little goes a long way. It smells like a fresh walk through the woods in the morning, sniffing the crisp air.”


“If a gentle lumberjack was cradling you in his arms, this is what it would smell like. This scent is so subtle and a bit peppery. Just add some flannel and a comfy blanket - life couldn’t be more perfect.”


get your hands on this light, woody, everyday scent.