premium scents you can try at home.

Try 3 fragrances for 7 days.
Free shipping and free returns.

$0 *($150 if all 3 kept)

snif before you commit.

how the at-home trial works.

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    order the
    bundle kit.

    Checkout with the Bundle Kit and we’ll put a temporary, reoccurring hold on your card for the full order amount during the trial.

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    try the

    You’ll receive your kit with full-size bottles and samples. Wear the sample scents for 7 days and decide what smells good on you.

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    keep what
    you love.

    After the trial is over, we’ll only charge you for the full-size bottles you keep. Even better? Keep all 3 scents and you'll save $45.

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    return what
    you don't.

    Submit your returns online by the end of the trial period. Once you get your prepaid, printable shipping label, just send back the unopened bottles.

"Snif is not simply just another niche brand in the market — it is a whole new way to fragrance shopping that’s aimed to provide consumers with an entirely different experience."

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“The concept is incredible and so unique especially if you love a good perfume moment that both you and your man can share.”

Rachel H.

"I fully expected to end up with just one bottle to open but I LOVE all of them”


“I have tried SO many perfumes and have spent so much money on perfume. Now it’s just Snif!”

Benjie P.

go ahead, smell us go ahead, smell us go ahead, smell us

you have questions, we have answers.

  • how long is the free trial?

    The free trial lasts 7 days from the day your kit is delivered.

  • Does the trial period take shipping time and delays into account?

    Absolutely! Your 7-day trial starts the day your package is delivered.

  • Why is there a pending charge on my card?

    Like a hotel or rideshare company, we place a temporary hold on your card at checkout for security purposes. This will appear as a 'pending charge' on your statement, but rest assured this is just an authorization, not an actual charge!

    You will only be charged for the fragrances you keep after your trial is over. Your total balance will be adjusted to take into account any scents you return.