the perfect mother’s day gift comes in threes!

Looking for a unique gift mom will love? The Bundle Kit includes our 3 new, top-tier scents in a stunning, giftable box. You’ll be the favorite child and she’ll smell amazing!

$150 ($195 Value)

spray. snif. wear. repeat. spray. snif. wear. repeat. spray. snif. wear. repeat.

  • 1.

    long-lasting, luxury scents.

    We partner with a world-renowned fragrance house to develop our scents. Each fragrance is then approved by our Scent Board, a group of non-industry people who like to smell good. We scrutinize, test, and select each fragrance to offer you the best premium scents around.

  • 2.

    a different scent for every occasion.

    Why have one signature scent when you can have 3 unique, press-worthy scents? With just 3 fragrances, we take the overwhelming stress out of fragrance shopping. Even better? You’ll pay less than 1 designer fragrance for all 3 of our amazing scents.

  • 3.

    clean formulas with sustainably-sourced ingredients.

    We formulate with premium ingredients using the beauty industry’s toughest clean standards. All our scents are vegan, cruelty-free, and made without preservatives, phthalates, parabens, or synthetic dyes.

  • 4.

    giftable packaging + travel-friendly bottles

    We like our packaging like we like our fragrance: luxury and uncomplicated. Our 30ml bottles are easy to store, made with high-quality glass, and come with magnetic caps. With the Bundle Kit, you'll get all 3 scents delivered in a high-quality, present-ready box.

“Snif’s luxury, genderless scents make choosing a fragrance for mom…actually kind of fun.”

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want to know what our scents smell like?

here’s what people are saying...

  • sweet ash

    A low-key sweet and earthy scent that goes from inviting to addictive fast. Its silky blend of moss, woods, and fir balsam is balanced by hints of tonka and black vanilla bean. You’ll want to carry it with you so you can get your fix at a moment’s notice.

    "This scent is seriously the best, I love it!"

  • poppy issues

    A scent that’s as elegant as it is cool. Poppy, plum, and sunny, yellow florals blend together with soft woods for a surprisingly fruity and boozy duo. One spray makes a night at your favorite dive bar feel like the Met Gala.

    " intoxicating I can’t stop Sniffing 😍"

  • honorable mention

    This fresh take on a woody floral is an instant classic. With a burst of peach combined with spiced black walnut, it stays bright, spicy, and smooth throughout. Be prepared to make heads turn and mouths water.

    "It's so beautiful it makes me emotional."

trust your own damn nose.

  • luxury-level scents

  • accessible prices

  • at-home trial

  • travel-ready bottles

  • genderless scents

  • friendly formulas

some things should be simple.

[fragrance] is one of them.

  • 1

    convenience is key

    Why brave aggressive retailers or take a chance on something you've never smelled? Snif Kits make the process simple and sure.

  • 2

    performance matters

    We don’t think you should spend $$$ on chemically-charged, overpriced fragrances full of empty promises.

  • 3

    your nose knows best

    You don't need a fancy fragrance school to school you on what smells good. You know what you like, so go ahead, trust your own damn nose.