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welcome to the first burn-before-you-buy candle experience.

“A trio of high quality, clean-burning wax candles with fragrances unique to the brand...and yes, you can catch a whiff before fully committing.”
“Here's an innovative way to build a candle collection you love. order the trial kit, and smell and burn the minis to pick your fave scents.”
“A trio of smoky and sweet candles that’s perfect to burn, whether you’re going for a relaxed or a sensual vibe with your scentscape.”
“Snif is one of my new favorite fragrance lines. I’ve truly loved all the scents. I’m partial to 'Off the Grid,' a mix of musk, lily, and sandalwood.”

the candle bundle kit.

$0$120 if all 3 kept
Our new collection of high-quality scented candles range from light and airy to warm and cozy. Try the sample candles for 7 days before you commit. Keep all 3, each full-size candle is only $40.
  • high-quality scents + clean formulas
  • non-toxic, paraffin-free blend of soy and vegetable wax
  • 100% pure cotton fiber wicks
  • 50+ hours of burn time per 8.5 oz candle
  • 100% made in the USA
1x birds and the breeze
8.5 oz candle + 2 oz sample candle

Mimosa petals, galbanum (think earthy and green), jasmine, cyclamen (like lily, but softer) orchid, musk, and cedarwood.

1x off the grid
8.5 oz candle + 2 oz sample candle

Lily of the valley, moss, cypress, tuberose, cedar, cistus amber (herby and warm), and sandalwood.

1x instant karma
8.5 oz candle + 2 oz sample candle

Cardamom, nashi pear (crisp and lightly sweet), black plum, geranium vetiver, cedarwood, and black tea.

*Select "try at home" for our 7-day, at-home trial program.

how does the
at-home trial work?

1. order your snif candle kit.

2. receive a sample candle with each full-size candle.

3. burn the samples for 7 days.

4. keep the full-size candles you love, return the rest.

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the real reviews.

"sweet without being candy or pastry-like, cozy, and perfectly unisex."


"burns so slowly, smells incredible."


"transports my chilly winter soul to a warm, breezy seaside destination."


"all 3 scents smelled amazing and had unique ingredient combinations."


light. burn. snif. repeat. light. burn. snif. repeat. light. burn. snif. repeat.

the snif difference.


fine fragrance in candle form.

We partner with some of the best perfumers in the world to develop our luxury scents with only the best ingredients.


premium, paraffin-free wax blend.

We formulate our candles with a high-end, hand-poured soy and vegetable wax blend made completely without paraffin.

long-lasting, clean burn.

Each full-size candle is designed to perform and burn for 50-60 hours. We also use 100% pure cotton fiber wicks that burn better and limit mushrooming.


light, burn, and smell before you buy.

We include a free 2 oz sample candle with each full-size candle, so you can experience a scent in your space before you commit to a full-size candle.

try all 3 of our luxe, scented candles.